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Let's Play Leaving Earth


Sorry, Is this back to me?


If you have anything else to do this round, yep, otherwise I can end the year!


I’d Like my Ion engine probe above mars to head to inner planet transfer please.

If I’m right after the Ion faux pas, I have a solitary probe card on the moon, and an Ion engine and an Ion engine and probe in lunar orbit?


Done - almost correct, your Asterix craft is on it’s way to lunar orbit, it still has an hourglass token on it


Then I’m done.



The Ministry has a picture of a cat to show you today. Nice kitty, hanging from a branch… Hang in there!



Saturn, Ion engines, launch all Juno’s, Ion engines and any spare probe into orbit.


I had to leave one juno behind, but 4 of them and an ion engine is in space