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Let's Play Leaving Earth


Sorry, Is this back to me?


If you have anything else to do this round, yep, otherwise I can end the year!


I’d Like my Ion engine probe above mars to head to inner planet transfer please.

If I’m right after the Ion faux pas, I have a solitary probe card on the moon, and an Ion engine and an Ion engine and probe in lunar orbit?


Done - almost correct, your Asterix craft is on it’s way to lunar orbit, it still has an hourglass token on it


Then I’m done.



The Ministry has a picture of a cat to show you today. Nice kitty, hanging from a branch… Hang in there!



Saturn, Ion engines, launch all Juno’s, Ion engines and any spare probe into orbit.


I had to leave one juno behind, but 4 of them and an ion engine is in space


Ion engine in orbit disengages, leaving the Juno’s in earth orbit.
The Ion engine on its own heads for the inner planet transfer.

Have I spent all my money?


Yep. End of turn.