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Let's Play Leaving Earth


Works for me.



The Ministry Of Making Sure That You Don’t Feel Like All Your Work Is For Nothing has rewritten your NASA progress update:

Nasa have not achieved anything of importance this year, carry on. If you see any documentation refer to a spacecraft named “Surveyor” you are instructed to destroy it immediately.


I’ll wait for the map, before I do space stuff.


Apologies, map here:


Secret scanning of mars and it’s moon please!


The Huey attempts to land on the moon.

(Edit, wrong one)


Huey’s landing is a complete success! Huey is on the moon


Pay $10 to remove the success.

(Weird question, can I take off and attempt another landing?)


If you’ve got the rockets to get to another location, and back, sure.


Huey will take off and attempt to land again.


Er, hang on.

I may be missing something here, and it’s been a long day, but where are all the rockets you’re using to do this?

Obélix is a Juno, an Ion and a probe, right? So that’s mass 3.

There’s no time token symbol on the transitions from Lunar Orbit to Moon or vice versa, so you can’t use the ion.

So your initial landing burned the Juno, thrust 4, difficulty 2 - you must have separated the ion and left it in orbit to get the craft down to mass 2. When it’s done, you have a probe on the moon and no rockets to get it off again.

Or have I completely misunderstood what you’re doing?



Me, (and by extension Will) have completely misunderstood when we can use Ion Thrusters.

You are absolutely right. There’s no hour glass, so we can’t launch again.

(Cue giant scribblings on a nearby chalkboard.)


This is what I had assumed, remember we discussed how you could do what you wanted from Ceres and Phobos?


Ok. France loads all its probes and Juno’s onto a new Saturn and launches it into Earths Orbit.


Oh No, in an already ill fated year for CNES, their latest Saturn prototype has only ascended for 3 minutes when a catastrophic failure causes it to explode, destroying all the equipment attempting to be launched into space.


Pay my final 5 to remove last malfunction.


My cunning plan needs 14 Soyuz so my next few years are going to be fairly boring.


3 More Soyuz it is - next year?

CNES, by my calculation you still have 5 million Franc’s left to spend


Juno rockets please!


Yes, I’ll carry on with this plan while I try to come up with a backup…