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Let's Play Leaving Earth


The Obelix.


I made a video of the launch of The Obelix:

(Don’t be fooled by the thumbnail, I couldn’t help myself and was chosen before I played the turn!)

read after video

Curses, our sabotage has failed again.


$10 bucks on removing the success please!


So space now has two ions, 2 probes and a Juno?


Success removed, and yes, you have two ion thrusters, 2 probes and a juno in earth orbit.


Check this for me.

Juno rocket, Ion thruster and probe can get to the moon in one year.

Ion thruster and probe can get to the moon in two years


If this is correct I shall do it!


Yes correct, and done! (assuming by “moon” you mean lunar orbit)


The two part Duey and the three part Huey head for lunar orbit.


Does @RogerBW want my last 5 bucks?


Thanks, but I don’t think they help at this point.


I will buy a probe and then pass

General plans which I should really put in a GM

I’ve looked at what I have and I don’t think I can do a one-year sample return, so I’m not going to try. For my next mission plan, I need 14 Soyuz, so that’s what I’m going to be building up for the next few years.


I will therefore build another probe, and a Juno rocket.

End of year?


Happy to end year.


So you just buy vostocks?


3 Soyuz, one money left over.


Just before I end the year, a closeup of your inventories to double check:


Looks good to me!