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Let's Play Leaving Earth


2 vostoks and a Juno please


I’m afraid you need Re-entry tech to build Vostok design capsules.


Probe and 4 Juno please


Probes cost $2 so that and 3 Juno’s?




End of year!



CNES to go first


Sneaky scanning please!


Finding out what happened at the end of 1964, please. (I think there shouldn’t be an outcome on my Life Support advancement any more.)


My apologies! Your life support outcome was a success, and yep, you are correct, there are no cards left on the card as it was removed for free


I pass for now. @RogerBW is up.


Caught between a couple of long days…

Time to take some risks. I believe I have two outcomes left on Landing.
Re-enter and land the unmanned Soyuz. Pay 10/5.
Re-enter and land the manned Soyuz. Pay 0/5.
See what I’ve got left: If 15+, buy an Atlas, fire it and remove the outcome. If possible (which is unlikely), repeat.
Any money left after that will go on hardware.


Assuming Soyuz = Vostok

Minor Failure, $5 paid to remove

Success, removed for free

Atlas Purchased, Success, $10 paid to remove

$5 left, purchase an Atlas?


Yes, I’ll buy an Atlas with the last $5, and then end year unless the French have any suggestions.


No suggestions from me.

Asterix heads towards Mars.

French buy a Saturn for $15 and Ion thrusters for $10

End of year!

1966 plans

Test fire Atlas, remove card (10/5 leaving 15/20)
Buy Atlas (5 leaving 10/15)
Test fire Atlas, remove final card (5/0 leaving 5/10/15)
All remaining money on Atlases.



Atlas was a partial failure, $5 paid, Atlas damaged
2nd Atlas a success, removed for free
4 Atlas’ purchased

CNES to go!


Buy Ion thrusters.

Pack Saturn rocket with 2 Ion thrusters 2 probes and a Juno rocket. Blast into Orbit.

(My big risk of the game!)


Do you have a name for this craft?


“Bastille Day”? :slight_smile: :fireworks: