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Let's Play Leaving Earth


I think it would be rude to destroy your Astronaut Ice cream. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(photo by me, from the Cosmonauts exhibition at the Science Museum in late 2015)


The LK Lunar Lander is incredible!


Can I confirm the Saturn launch with 4 Juno’s and a probe?


You can confirm!

The Louis VI is ready to go!


I’m sorry, the Louis VI is in flight for roughly two minutes, when it goes supersonic and explodes, scattering the remains of your probes and Juno’s across the Atlantic.

Major Failure


Pay the $5 please!


Hey @RogerBW What would you pay for Saturn rockets with 2 cards on?


Not really interested. Once they’re reliable, that’s another matter.


I pass for now then.


@RogerBW let me know if you need the $5


Hmm, thanks but not this time.


(( I will catch up with this shortly, in a lot of pain at the moment, so limiting myself to the GPC until it passes ))


((All the best!))


Indeed! (Also I forgot whose turn it supposed to be.)


Huzzah! I’ve only been three weeks without them! Nevermind, pencil in tomorrow to get going again!


Right! OKБ-1, has your plan changed from:

Buy a Soyuz $8M
Put a Supply on it and fire to Earth Orbit in a single stage
Dock the Supply to the pair of Vostoks
Buy Atlas Rockets advancement $10M
Waste $2M on vodka and Black Sea caviar. Or lend it to CNES.
End of year, remove last Life Support card max $5M


Is that really his plan? He can buy atlas rockets with two cards off me for $20


Yeah, but that’s $20 all at once in a single turn… I’ll happily give you $10 now and $10 next year. Otherwise, as above.


Actually… you have Saturn rockets, not Atlas so I’ve gone ahead with the turn as planned

You have $5 CNES, left over, anything else you want to do this year?