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Let's Play Leaving Earth


3 on life support, 3 on Ion thrusters and 2 on landing


$6 seems like a fair share of two Soyuz (and coincidentally it’s what I need to add to my $4 to achieve something else this year).


I’m ok, but will pass on both offers. Continue with whatever you’re doing.


Will can you give me a card update?


2 cards on landing, 2 on juno


OK, I’ll waste the $4; nothing more from me till end of year life support testing. I’m hoping for one success and one failure…


Bleak. I hope you name the life support system after the person who dies testing it.

Edit: I’m a fool. You’ve got two life support systems and time enough to swap between them. Unlike when landing or re-entering.



With astronaut in capsule A, test life support. If successful, eat supplies and test capsule B’s support without anyone on board. If not, move astronaut to capsule B and test life support. If successful, eat supplies. If not, bring the assemblage home on remote and have a hero’s funeral.


How can you test life support with no life aboard? Space is weird.


Capsule A was a Failure, however Capsule B was a Success. I’ve paid the $15 and those results have been removed, leaving just one more on Life support


So I have $5 left?




$10 by my count, but let’s pretend I waited for those capsule results until the end of the year :wink:


Really? Let’s invest in Saturn Rockets!


Done, Saturn opened



Last year NASA finally managed to launch a Centaur Rocket.

CNES to go first

OKB-1 plan for the year

Assuming no money bonuses…

  • Buy a Soyuz $8M
  • Put a Supply on it and fire to Earth Orbit in a single stage
  • Dock the Supply to the pair of Vostoks
  • Buy Atlas Rockets advancement $10M
  • Waste $2M on vodka and Black Sea caviar. Or lend it to CNES.
  • End of year, remove last Life Support card max $5M


Let’s build a Saturn, load 4 Juno’s and a probe on it and fling it into Earths orbit?

(Have I got max payload correct?)


Yes, you can SSTO 5 payload on a Saturn.


That said, I’ll be happy to load a Supply aboard your untested rocket if you have the space…