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Let's Play Leaving Earth


Ok. Let’s spend $10 on lander technology.


The Lucky Luke attempts to land on the Moon!

@SleepyWill please reveal the moon card!


(I love the giving the other player $10 thing)


Major Failure!

Lucky Luke is destroyed on impact with the Moon’s surface


First probe to the moon!

I will pay $5 to remove this major faliure.


I’ll pass for now.


I have assumed you don’t still want to reveal the moon location now you don’t have too?


G’wan, you know you want to. Do you have any idea how many rock and roll records that $10M will buy?


Oh don’t I?

Then I will not.

(Unless @RogerBW wants to pay $5)


Nice idea, but no thanks. I have a mission plan which is going to need All the Money.


Fogive me if I’ve got it wrong - I awarded Moon Survey when the moon was surveyed - I also gave USSR the $10 as well - I don’t believe that it needs to be revealed to earn the award?

I also believe if you land, you only need to reveal if you don’t destroy your craft - as France never managed to land, they are under no obligation to reveal.

Am I right?


I am happy with that interpretation.


Survey missions are completed by the space agency that first reveals an unex-
plored location to all the other players. This can be done by traveling to that
location, or it can be done from a distance with the Surveying advancement.

(p. 12)

Once you have seen it,
you may either turn it face up, revealing it to everyone, or else your spacecraft
is destroyed. Each location will be one of the following types:

(p. 31)

If you don’t reveal the location card, you don’t complete the mission.


Then I shall reveal the card! For it will allow me to have another glorious press conference!



The French are happy to have discovered life on the moon!


Where there is life, there will be vegetation.

Where there is vegetation, there will be vodka.


Let’s see what you’ve got Soviets!


OK, we have $35M thanks to CNES’ successful Lunar Survey.

Buy two Soyuz $16 leaving $19
Load one Vostok (with Feoktistov), two Supplies, onto the double-Soyuz stack and launch to Earth Orbit.
We’ll carry 2 Mass for CNES if they would like.
Dock to the damaged Vostok, and repair it, consuming one Supplies.

I’ll save $15 for Life Support testing, but that leaves $4 if CNES would like to borrow it.

Could I have card counts on my non-clear advancements?


Cost of carrying mass?