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Let's Play Leaving Earth


Blow $2 on Juno rockets. End year.


With the remaining $8, finally recruit Feoktistov. I’ll offer the last $3 as a loan to CNES if they have a use for it, otherwise stock up on Supplies which I doubt I’ll use.


I’m fine thanks. Grab some supplies!


End of year?


Fine with me.


I hope NASA are ok.


In 1961 they named a laboratory, and in 1962 they reckoned they are about ready to launch a rocket to space. Fat chance if you ask me, they had a go this year with their Centaur rocket, and managed a whopping 54 second flight before it exploded!



CNES to go first!


I believe the Lucky Luke would like to survey the moon. (Sneakily)


Survey was a success, removed for free


Let’s fire the thrusters on the Asterix and head for the inner planet transfer.


Oh no! Major failure! The thruster provides no thrust and is damaged!


Pay $5 and remove the major malfunction.


CNES, would you like us to pop up an engineer and fix that for you?


I’m making an art piece. I assure you!

Can I separate the damaged thruster and fire the spare?


Of course!

That will be a two year trip now


Let’s head for the inner planet transfer!




I’m assuming the last card is the success?


Yes, and paid off for free