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Let's Play Leaving Earth


Sorry, out at the V&A and a nearby pub for most of yesterday…

I thought I had 5 before the borrowing, and was getting two more that I’d spend on two Supplies. I need to keep 5 for life support testing. Could you clarify what has happened so far to leave me with 8?


with $25:
buy 2 Soyuz @ 8 = 9 left
buy 1 Vostok @ 2 = 7 left
buy 1 Supply @ 1 = 6 left
Hire Feoktistov @5 = 1 left
Rescind Hiring Feoktistov = 6 left
2 from @RossM = 8 left


OK, three go on Supplies and I keep five to buy off a Life Support failure. And that’s all, I think.


Life Support Testing: Success


For having a live man in space at the start of the year, OKБ-1 take the Space Station objective.

CNES to go first


(Does Roger not want to spend the 5?)


He saved it for the failure, but as that happens after turn ends, he doesn’t get a chance too - Life supports a bit of a pig for that!


In case I’m not about later, the OKБ-1 plan is:


return $2 to CNES, $23 left
separate the two undamaged Vostoks
Buy Landing advancement ($13 left)
Re-enter the un-crewed Vostok, remove final Re-Entry card ($5/$0; $13/$8 left)
Attempt Landing; pay to remove any card I can. ($8/$3 left)
Re-enter the crewed Vostok safely
If there’s at least $8 left in the budget, attempt Landing and remove a failure. (Even a major failure won’t destroy the capsule, thanks to the Pilot.)
Score Man in Space.



Get my $2 back.

Buy Ion Thrusters $10
Buy Vostok $8
Buy Vostok $8
Buy Juno $1



((Ok, so I’ll skip CNES a turn, then in OKБ-1’s turn, they repay the $2 then skips so back to CNES))


Ignore the money, it’s all gone!

OKБ-1 (pending any corrections)

Re-entry of empty capsule was a success, removed for free however it’s landing attempt was a minor failure. After $5 million investment into why, they finally figure out that it was due to being sent into space without any landing gear, what with that being a technology developed while it was in space :wink: It is damaged, and you have two cards left on landing and $8 left.

The landing of the second, manned capsule however is a complete success


CNES by the way has $20 additional - $10 from Space station being scored at the start of the turn, $10 from Man in Space


Money now accurate:


Ok let’s buy another Vostok $8
Let’s buy another set of Ion Thrusters $10


I’m assuming you mean Soyuz :smiley:


Ok. Launch all three Soyez into space with a probe and two Ion thrusters attached.


Unfortunately, there’s no way to get you to Sub orbital with one Soyuz, so I’ll have to use all three to get you to orbit - I’m assuming that’s OK, but please stop me if I’m wrong and you want/need to get a Soyuz into orbit!


Yep. I meant earths orbit with all three, one holding each component. Is that right?


Yep, that’s perfectly fine!


When safely in orbit, the three pieces are assembled into the Asterix The French government hold a special news conference to explain this is the first spaceship with Twin Ion Engines in history.

(The French government also make sure they copyright all related acronyms.)



A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the Thai Fighters create a whole new batch of conspiracy theories.