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Let's Play Leaving Earth


I’m guessing so!


d8: 1 :fr:


Do you ever think that the dice roller is biased?


We’re not back to rolling, that only happens if you’re drawing on score - we’ve moved to 1961 and USSR have already taken their turn!



Buy a Soyez $8
Buy an Ion Thruster $10

Fuse them into the Louis III

Launch into Earth Orbit.


Frequently. In the GPC too… and over on my own forums, when we’re using it for Triplanetary.


Louis III Launches successfully, card removed for free. You have a 4th satellite in orbit and no cards left on your Soyuz Rockets


Lucky Luke again redezvous with Iron thrusters and fires them, directing the probe towards the moons orbit.


The Ion Thrusters work perfectly this time, and Lucky Luke begins it’s two year mission towards the moons Orbit

(Difficulty 3, Weight 2 = Thrust 6. 1 Ion gives 5 thrust per year, so mission time voluntarily doubled to allow it to give 10)


France hires an engineer astronaut, the waits.


Jean-François Clervoy joins the CNES team


Hmm. Any use for $2 @RogerBW ? Otherwise I will blow it on Juno rockets


Ooh, actually, yes - for two Supplies.


Ping it back next year please.


End of year.


Is it next year?


Just going back and working through the USSR’s money this year - I think I saved desktop simulator too early, I have them at more money than the above screenshot would indicate, I though they had 8… be right back!


Nope, it was the screenshot that was wrong - with the borrowed $2 the USSR has $8 - so I’ll wait for @RogerBW to confirm end of year before moving on - that’s a lot of money to pee away.


Did his life support work?


That won’t trigger until the end of the year - so he’s probably saving money for that - I just want confirmation, because I know I would react to your turn with a certain action… but I don’t want to influence your game!