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Let’s build some Pendragon characters! (And send them on adventures.)


d20: 13 vs Awareness 12
d20: 3 vs Horsemanship 20


The stables are in a state of disorder, a number of extra horses having been moved inside as protection from the storm.

The stablemaster isn’t present, and the teenage grooms quickly follow your direction, calming the horses and leading them to clean stalls. Once there, distinct scarlet feedbags are looped over their ears and they soon become docile.

(The horses, not the grooms.)

Surveying the horses on display you confirm none match the description of the one missing, although there are many fine horses, any of which could easily be used to transport Rowenna to Salisbury.


Dylan will casually ask the grooms if they have know of a horse being kept elsewhere on the manor property.


“No Sir! This is the only stable we have.”


Then Dylan will head in and try to find Sir Idres.


Do you walk straight into the great hall?


I will try and get a feel for what is going on within the manor first - see if there are other visitors, or if anything unusual is going on. See if Lady Rowenna is obviously around. If there is a handy servant to make some subtle inquiries from first, I will do so.


As you dry your wet clothes outside the main door you can see both a page boy and Kath, Rowenna’s hand maiden just inside the door, clearing a table.


“Hello Kath. Nice to see you. How is your mistress doing?”
Dylan will give a friendly smile.


Kath does not look up.

“She has gone to her chamber.”

“She is not to be disturbed.”

“An argument with the wonderful knight.”

She moves away.


“Please Kath.”
I will wave the page boy out of the room, if necessary, with a withering stare and pulling himself up to his full size.
I will try and catch Kath and pull her aside privately.
Taking a deep breath and trying to sound as calm and soothing as possible, I will quietly say…
“Please Kath. If something is going on here, I need to know. Something does not add up to me. It’s not just Lady Rowenna’s injury that is holding up her progress to Sarum, is it? If it has something to do with Sir Idres…"


Dex vs 18 d20: 17


She deftly sidesteps you and retreats to the great hall, muttering about Salisbury…


Dylan curses under his breath.
I will enter the great hall to see if Sir Idres is there.


The great hall is silent, save the sound of the rain.

Servants wordlessly clear the tables.

Sir Idres sits alone at the great table drinking a flagon of mead. The table has been set for two, but both meals are untouched…


(What is the layout of the manor? I’m wondering if I know where the lady’s room is, if it has a private entrance, if there is somewhere one could observe the door to her chamber without being seen)


It is a room off the main hall, consider it a guest bedroom. There are no other entrances and Sol stands outside the door.


(Would it be appropriate for me to call for a meal from some servants? If that is not out of line I will do so and sit off to the side of the hall, and observe Sir Idres while I eat. If he does not summon me, I will retire till morning after eating. )


Sir Idres does not seem to notice you eating and after a short time retires to his own quarters.


Dylan considers trying to see the lady this evening but decides that would be too reckless so instead goes to sleep, determined to get to the bottom of things in the morning.