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Let’s build some Pendragon characters! (And send them on adventures.)

You are led into the hall.

A young lady sits to the side, her leg elevated and iced. (Very much the luxury at this time of year.) She is being tended by a teenage servant under the watchful eye of an older, stocky man in leather jerkin.

At the far end of the hall a man in full armour stand in conversations with two men at arms.

Rupert announces you.

“Dylan, Squire of Salisbury, I present SIR Idres.”

(The Sir is noticeably louder than the rest of the pronouncement.)

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“Sir Idres”. Dylan comports himself with all possible deference.
“Greetings from Salisbury. I come on behalf of Sir Joel, Sir Hogarth and Sir Massen. Sir Joel was particularly worried about his betrothed, Lady Rowenna, and sent me to determine if there is anything that can be done to bring her safely to Sarum.”

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Sir Idres smiles as Dylan genuflects.

“Everything is in order. The lady had suffered an unfortunate ordeal, but is well on the way to recovery, as you can see. We are just organising the details of her onward journey.”

He lowers his voice, and steps closer. His square jaw and handsome face are only a few months older than your own.

“I’ve known the lady since childhood, she often gets into these scrapes.”

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“That is most unfortunate, I guess some are born who these mishaps happen to seemingly more often. I’m sure Sir Joel is most grateful for your diligent care of the lady.
I would be derelict in my duties if I did not offer my services in helping with her onward journey, perhaps my friend and I could be part of her escort. A few more blades can never hurt with the boldness those Saxon swine have been showing with their raids, of late.”

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He thinks for a few seconds.

“You may be of aid perhaps. Please join me and the lady for luncheon, you have ridden far.”

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“I would be honoured.”
Dylan is again feeling slightly confused, but follows Sir Idres.
And he notices that he is actually quite hungry.


Feld says grace as the the meal is prepared.

The lunch is roasted woodcock and the first cooked meal you have tasted in several days. You detect the taste of exotic spices as well.

The lady is helped awkwardly to the table by the older man, who stands nearby for the whole meal.

Lady Rowenna, on closer inspection, also has a large bruise to the corner of her jawline.

“I do apologise for forcing you into such a long ride, “ she smiles through her embarrassment.

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Dylan tries to make sure that despite being famished, he doesn’t appear to be wolfing food down like some starved barbarian, and smiles back.
“It was no trouble at all, m’lady. Truth be told, I’ve rather enjoyed the opportunity to be out and exploring. Some of my favorite memories are of the adventures I’ve had being out on the road patrolling with Sir Joel. But please, m’lady, if the memories are not too painful, I am most curious of your own adventure.”
“Or should I say misadventure?”, Dylan adds with a friendly chuckle.
“Sir Joel will be most pleased that you came out of it in one piece.”

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The drinks are refilled.

“Thank you Kath”

She nods to the serving girl.

“We were not far into our journey when a great storm swelled. On the first peal of thunder my horse bolted into the woods with me as an unwilling passenger. I do not know how far we raced, but then I was laid low by an errant branch.”

She rubs her jaw.

“My handmaiden Kath and my personal bodyguard Sol had followed in hot pursuit and after finding me unconscious they feared the worst. My ankle was very badly swollen and feared broken.”

“By the time we were able to move days had passed, and the nights were filled with terrible screaming. Not one of us knew the way out of the forest, for we were disorientate in our confusion.”

“When we finally emerged it was so reassuring to find the manor and Sir Idres. He has always been like a brother to me…”

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Dylan will relate the tale of the eight legged beast and the lost sheep (d20: 20 vs Compose 10, a small tale he has been working on).
“I’m glad we’ve all found ourselves under the auspices of Sir Idres, safe from the terrors of the woods.”
Dylan chuckles…
“Have you discussed your onward travel plans, as of yet?”
Dylan looks to Sir Idres, as he had mentioned something regarding some aide he might be able to give.


(A roll of 20 is a fumble, unless your skill level is also 20, but in this case…)

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(Ahem…obviously just a rough draft of the telling…Dylan senses it needs a major rewrite… ‘lost sleep’, not ‘lost sheep’… that’s probably the part that made no sense :slight_smile:)


If anything Dylan, your telling of the story is too good. Rowenna sits wide eyed in fear.

She is hesistant about the idea of venturing back into the woods, but she composes herself.

“I will, I will go, onwards but I need to recover my horse. It bolted you see? I love that beautiful creature, and much more than that, my mother gave me a wonderful wedding gift; ribbons embroidered with golden and silver threads. I braided it into the mane, to keep it safe, it is incredibly valuable.”

She lowers her head in shame.

“Sir Idres has kindly dispatched hunting parties to scour the woodlands to recover the steed. I will remain here until it returns.”

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“My family shares your love of horses, so of course I understand.”
“Sir Idres, is there anything I can do to help speed the recovery of the lady’s palfrey?”

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Sir Idres nods.

“Finish your luncheon and take rest today. The search parties have long been dispatched. I will deputise you part of the search party in the morning, although I am sure the beast will be found long before then.

(OOC before the hunt can begin proper, there will be a map, which will take me a while to create.)

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Dylan will spend the rest of the day with Feld, looking after the horses, doing any necessary maintenance on their armor, and otherwise keeping busy, awaiting Sir Idres the next morning.

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The Manor House is at your disposal. Feel free to talk to any you wish.

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After finishing his work, Dylan will seek out Rowenna, thinking perhaps she may wish to hear of Sir Joel. Dylan will try to gain an understanding of how Rowenna is feeling about her upcoming marriage, as well as her impressions of Sir Idres and his father.

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Rowenna is to be found sitting outside the manor grounds at the crossroads between the chapel and the water mill. She is watching the world travel past.

“How are you Dylan? Sufficiently rested for tomorrow?”

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Dylan sits down next to her and observes the manor grounds as well.
“Thank you, my lady, I am. Having found you has given me a great relief, and now I’m eager to find this palfrey of yours. But how are you? Between your own injuries and your father’s, and I’m sure worrying about your upcoming nuptials to Sir Joel…”.
Dylan turns to look at Rowenna.
“You have great strength to have borne these many troubles. Tis a great quality, that Sir Joel will much appreciate when you are running his manor."

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