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Let’s build some Pendragon characters! (And send them on adventures.)

Sir Idres. Love (Rowenna) 16 vs d20: 13

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Dylan was prepared for Sir Idres. His disappointment in Sir Idres’ flagrent abuse of the laws of hospitality turning to anger. He draws his sword and moves to defend himself and Lady Rowena.


(For reference, would a roll against my hospitality passion be appropriate in this situation?)

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Justify why it would be appropriate and explain what you want to achieve by calling on the passion.

(But basically yes :grinning:)

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Combat is divided into the following phases:

  1. Determination
  2. Resolution
  3. Winner’s
  4. Loser’s
  5. Movement


Determination is when the combatants state what they intend to do this round, including the weapon they wield. Targets and opponants are named. The Game Master decides whether the players or Game Master controlled characters/creatures make their statements of intent first.

Characters may choose to fight or do something else, as per the list following this description. If combat tactics are to be used, the choice of tactic must be stated clearly, or written down secretly, if necessary.

Enemies within 1 yard of each oher are automatically considered engaged, and need not move to fight. Otherwise movement must take place in the movement phase, and combat can be resolved in a subsequent round, with one exception, a lance charge.

Actions in Melee List:

  • Exchange Blows with an opponent using simple opposed combat resolution
  • Attack a Surprised or Helpless Enemy , or one ignoring your attack, with an unopposed weapon roll
  • Try to Dodge an attack rather than fighting your opponent normally
  • Make a Lance Charge , moving your mount’s full movement rate and make a lance charge during mounted movement. Rapid movement; Canters or Gallops may be permitted during the charge.
  • Make a Squire Roll to have your squire summon help or give you a new weapon. One roll per squire.
  • Re-arm Yourself with a new weapon or shield carried on your person or mount, or brought to you by your squire
  • Make a Ranged Attack with a bow or light crossbow or a hurled weapon, making an appropriate unopposed weapons roll with a modifier for range and target if necessary, and then reload.
  • Scrutinise Your Surroundings using awareness or hunting
  • Roleplay for a short time period, e.g. give commands to followers, have a brief conversation etc.

Optional Tactics

Tactics allow more direct player and game master involvement in the fortunes of comat. These tactics are optional, not mandatory, and may be allowed or disallowed on a case by case basis.

Uncontrolled attack, Defence, Evasion

Special Situations

Any number of unusual situations and inquiries may arise during combat. I won’t go into detail until they are needed, but, know that there are rules and guidelines for (some of which are mentioned in the list of actions above):

Dodging, Brawling, Ranged weapons, Grappling, Fighting multiple opponents, Nonlethal Combat, Lost weapons, Battling creatures.

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Dylan has been raised with the belief that the laws of hospitality are Inviolate. His Uncle, Sir Barris and Aunt Seren have grilled it in to him from when he was young. He would never treat his worst enemy in the way that Sir Idres is treating Lady Rowena, a supposed friend.
Dylan’s anger fuels his strength as he draws his blade.
d20: 17 vs Hospitality 15

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But also being merciful - Dylan will begin by fighting defensively.


(Cursed dice roller! :slight_smile: )


(If I have this right)
Dylan shouts ‘Come to your senses, Sir Idres’
d20: 2 vs Sword 15 -5 for failing passion +10 for fighting defensively (20)

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(Note for the future - a successful passion roll will only give inspiration to a single skill. It is probably worth being explicitly clear which skill will be elevated when making the passion roll. The disheartened effect for failing a passion test applies to all rolls.)


Thanks Hover @Scribbs.

Idres skill for increase was Sword. Talking of which…

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Sir Idres Sword 14 +10 passion -5 (For something.) d20: 19

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To be incredibly British.

Ooh, Nasty.

Sword crit for 5d6: 3 + 6 + 2 + 3 + 1 = 15 x2

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Idres slashes you a wicked blow for…

30 -10 armour -6 shield 14hp.

Roll against Dex please that’s a knockdown roll.


(Didn’t Sir Idres fail his passion? 16 vs 13 (Love Rowena)

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Unfortunately not. His passion is 16, he rolled a 13.


d20: 2 vs Dex 10


Dylan is shaken by the passionate attack of Sir Idres and is trying to hang on. The gravity of the situation taking hold. Him, a squire, taking on a knight - in his own manor.

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(To continue to derail, the failed passion roll means Dylan also loses 1 point in Hospitality as well.)


Round 2

The blow cuts deep, but even as it is made you see your opponents face redden and his breathing labour. Sir Idres seems exhausted, as if the blind love he has harboured secretly for Rowenna was all that was fuelling him.

And then your mind flicks back.

Sir Idres staring into nothing, his dinner untouched.

Sol deriding the young knight for always wearing his armour.

The armour you have seen him wearing constantly for days.

How is he even still standing?

To your left a sword is unsheathed and Feld is beside you.

“I am here at your side Dylan.”

Declare Actions.

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