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Let’s build some Pendragon characters! (And send them on adventures.)

So @BioKeith is looking to build a Pendragon character, I thought rather than doing it in PMs, I would do it here, so we can all have a look at the process. Feel free to mute this thread.

Name: Dylan GLORY 132
Age: 21
Son No. 2
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Lord: Sir Roderick, Earl of Salisbury
Current Class: Squire
Distinctive feature: Braided hair.
SIZ: 18
DEX: 10
STR: 10
CON: 16
APP: 11

Derived Stats:
Damage: 5d6
Healing Rate: 3
Movement Rate: 2
Hit Points: 34
Unconcious: 9

Personality Traits
Chaste 7/ 13 Lustful
Energetic 17 /3 Lazy
Forgiving 11/9 Vengeful
Generous 16 /4 Selfish
Honest 14 /6 Deceitful
Just 11/9 Arbitary
Merciful 10/10 Cruel
Modest 7/ 13 Proud
Pious 10/10 Worldly
Prudent 11/9 Reckless
Temperate 12/8 Indulgent
Trusting 10/10 Suspicious
Valourous 16/4 Cowardly

Chivalry Bonus : 77/80 - No
Religious Bonus : 0/5 - No


Loyalty (Lord) (16)
Love (Family) (16)
Hospitality (14)
Honour (16)
Hate (Saxons) (14)
Concern Commoners (7)


Non Combat Skills
Awareness: 12
Boating: 1
Compose: 10
Courtesy: 7
Dance: 2
Faerie Lore: 1
Falconry: 3
Fashion: 0
First Aid: 10
Flirt: 10
Folklore: 2
Game: 3
Heraldry: 1
Hunt: 6
Industry: 0
Intrigue: 10
Orate: 7
Play (Harp):3
Read (Ogham): 1
Read (Latin): 0
Recognize: 3
Religion (Paganism): 2
Romance: 0
Sing: 4
Stewardship: 2
Swimming: 2
Tourney: 0

Combat Skills:
Battle: 10
Sword: 15
Spear Expertise: 15
Dagger: 5
Horsemanship: 20
Siege: 2





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First things first, we need a name.

If you need name inspiration, the following is some sample names, taken from obscure characters in L’morte D’Arthur, which you can use if you wish.

Adtherp, Alein, Aliduke, Annecians, Archade, Arrouse, Bandelaine, Bellangere, Bellias, Berel, Bersules, Bliant, Breunis, Briant, Caulas, Chestelaine, Clegis, Cleremond, Dalan, Dinaunt, Driant, Ebel, Edward, Elias, Eliot, Emerause, Flannedrius, Florence, Floridas, Galardoun, Garnish, Gerin, Gauter, Gherard, Gilbert, Gilmere, Goneries, Gracian, Gumret, Guy, Gwinas, Harsouse, Harvis, Hebes, Hemison, Herawd, Heringdale, Herlews, Hermel, Hermind, Hervis, Hewgon, Idres, Jordans, Lardans, Leomie, Manasan, Maurel, Melion, Morganor, Morians, Moris, Nanowne, Nerovens, Pedivere, Pellandres, Pellogres, Perin, Phelot, Pillounes, Plaine, Plenorias, Sauseise, Selises, Selivant, Semond

Examine the name list or select a name that sounds right to you. First names only, family names are not used.

Furthermore, just about any good English or French name is usable, just avoid silly names. Also don’t choose names that you know from the King Arthur stories since these are most likely the most famous characters in the story. It gets confusing during gameplay to have to keep saying “Not that Tristram” or “That Lancelot”

After that pick a gender.

Traditionally, Pendragon has been a male affair, but in this campaign we decided to include female knights. There are those across Logres who are unhappy with the idea of women defending their homes, but Knights like Sir Kitto and Sir De are proving to be just as valarous as their male counterparts…

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Greetings, all… Let’s see how this turns out…
I’ll start with the name Dylan, and for my first character lets go with Male.
Glad to hear we’re going with female knight rules, however.


Excellent, I will slowly edit post one with this information.

Now then, this is the only part of character creation I’m imposing on you. (It’s to give you a solo adventure and avenue into the larger narrative)

The Year is 493.

Dylan is 21 and almost at the point where it will be decided if he is to become a knight or an esquire

Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric (Native Britons)
Fathers Class: Vassel Knight
Liege Lord: Sir Roderick, Earl of Salisbury
Class: Squire

Next questions.

What is your fathers name?

Are you Christian or Pagan?

(This can all be retconned within the process as we shape the character.)

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Father’s name is Garth, and we are definitely a family of Pagans.


I like the certainty.

Now let’s talk about the dice roller.

The forum has two dice rollers…

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@discobot roll2d6

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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@discobot roll 2d6

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:game_die: 4, 3

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The first is discobot. No one likes him.

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As you can see, formatting is key.

We can also roll dice by typing [2d6: 4 + 6 = 10``

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I did this by typing 2d6: 1 + 5 = 6 but with a gap between roll and 2


2d6: 6 + 4 = 10

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Got it. Morale of the story - discobot is evil.

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roll 2d6 in square brackets. Notice how it changes the ownership from me to ‘System’ it means I cannot go back and edit my dice rolls.

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Now for your last action of today, I need you to roll 50 d20 s. (This will generate your families entire history, but will take me a while to write up.)

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Forgot to put roll inside the square brackets. :grinning:

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more testing… :slight_smile:
d10: 3

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And now after MUCH suspense:
[roll 50d20]

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