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Let’s build a Pendragon character! (And send him on an adventure!)


Is there a difference between shield types, or is it just aesthetic?


And a slightly simpler, new version of my Coat Of Arms.


Shall we begin?


Ready on my end!


(Sorry to interrupt, but as I found out on one adventure, ‘heater’ style shields have not been invented yet. In the current era of Uther, I believe we are still using ‘kite’ shields. I believe they both have the same defensive values? maybe?

However, in terms of heraldric arms, we have been using the ‘heater’ style for ease.)


The weather is warm and hazy as summer approaches and at Cholderton there is a flurry of activity. The commoners toil hard to expand the field network and bees drift from flower to flower.

At the Manor itself, Sir Hogarth has had a table dragged out into the pleasant day and sits at it, surrounded by scribes and messengers. Taking advantage of the relatively quiet year Hogarth is once again training the squires hard.

This captain of Salisbury seems slightly irritated, especially with reports of the progress of the additional squires every knight is now trying to mentor. He mutters to himself, “Damnation, he may be my cousin, but I must speak about her.”

The first smile that escapes his lips is when Sir Joel arrives, back from another patrol to curtail the actions of the men of the hood.

“Sir Joel, and a fine day to you. Let us have mead. Is that your squire Dylan? How does the year treat you my lad?”


Dylan pulls himself up in front of Sir Hogarth and reflects on his time with Sir Joel. The thing he appreciates most about Sir Joel is his quiet and reserved ways - when he does speak, you can be sure that his thoughts are reasoned and considered, so Dylan always attempts to do the same. Sometimes for Dylan, he finds his youthful energy and confidence does get the best of him.
This time, however, he takes a deep breath, and gives Sir Hogarth a respectful incline of his head - happy to be addressed personally.
“I have been well, Sir Hogarth. Learning all I can from Sir Joel and serving him the best I can. Knowledge, instincts, and skill is what he says. I hope I’ve been doing well by him.”
Dylan turns his head to judge Sir Joel’s reaction, and reflects on his training. Although he doesn’t share Sir Joel’s love of siegecraft, he feels he has done well with the other combat arts, and horsemanship has always come naturally to his family. He feels he has come far and learned much since his early days.


Hogarth nods. “How did you find breaking the siege of Castle Terrabil? What did your taste of the grand battle make you feel.”


“Tis the courtly side of a knight’s duty that gives me more worry. On the battlefield I feel alive. With purpose. With Honour.
I suppose I didn’t have time to think about that in the moment during the siege, the fight was on us so unexpectedly - I gave my whole self to make sure Sir Joel did not have to worry himself with the minutia and could meet the enemy.”
Dylan recalls that terrible night with pride at how quickly Sir Joel was ready and fighting.


Hogarth pauses, lost in memories of the day.

Then, he claps his hands together, breaking the silence.

He stands and you are reminded of what a short man he is, indeed, you tower over him.

“Now, Sir Joel and I must discuss his upcoming wedding. Dylan, you know where the stables are, make the fine courser comfortable, what is it’s name?”


“Shiver, sir”
Once dismissed, Dylan heads to the stables - a place most familiar to him.
Dylan’s earliest memories are of helping his Uncle Barris at his family’s stables. Uncle Barris who was like a father to Dylan - having never known his real one.
The constant hard work of looking after the horses helped build Dylan’s large frame and he rode nearly effortlessly from a young age.
Dylan smiles a big, lobsided grin as he enters the Stables and spots Shiver, his favorite of the horses at Cholderton. Grabbing brushes he gives the big horse a quick grooming, inspecting it for any signs of pain or sickness, in spite of the fact he’d already done so first thing in the morning.
Finding nothing out of the ordinary and giving Shiver a pat, Dylan will set about feeding and watering.


The stables are not empty, there are two more coursers here, being brushed by a smaller and much younger squire.


Do I recognize him?
d20: 16 vs Recognize 3, if needed.


If not - Dylan will keep one eye on the other squire’s grooming technique and make small talk - he’s in a good mood this morning, having been addressed personally by Sir Hogarth.
‘Quite a fine pair of coursers you have there, friend.’


No rolls required, you know this squire!

(OOC always roll when you want to, I will ignore or use as is appropriate.)

The young squire is Feld, Sir Hogarths younger squire.

“Dylan, this is Hubris, and this is Nemesis.”

The horses stamp angrily.

“Ah. This is Nemesis and this is Hubris.”

Dylan, at the age of 5 you began your training to be a knight. Feld was destined to join the church until transferred at 14 to become a Squire, because of Salisbury’s deficit of 40 knights.

What are your thoughts on these new squires?


Dylan understands the county’s need for new knights, what with the horrendous losses of the last few years and thus the need for new squires. He has done his best to help the new squires where he can, when in their company - giving them the benefit of his years of training.
He has especially tried to take Feld under his wing, knowing the young man to be in over his head, having transferred to be a squire so late, and not having grown up around horses.
Dylan talks to Feld about the care of horses and the duties of a squire whenever he can, always trying to boost his confidence, and when needed, stepping him through any of a squire’s duties.that he finds tricky.
Dylan finishes prepping Sliver and rounds over to Feld, observing his work, but trying to not make it feel like he’s inspecting him.
d20: 10 vs Horsemanship 20 (Do I think he’s done a good job?)
“Nicely done, Feld, Hubris is looking ready for anything.”
“Horses are like women. Learn to appreciate all of their curves and the subtle flaws in their skin and character and no two will ever look the same to you” Dylan gives Nemesis a pat behind his ears."
“How are you feeling, this fine morning?”


Give me an awareness roll.


d20: 4 vs Awareness 12


The horses themselves are excellent examples, clearly the result of a prosperous manor. Their demeanour, musculature and various scars show these are horses who are ridden regularly, both in war and peace.

Felds grooming isn’t perfect, especially around the flanks, but it is clear that between Feld and Maxwell, the horses are cared for.


(Constructing a shed response to question soon.)