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Last game you SOLD!

Sold Draftosaurus, bought it for the 7 year old to play with me but she declared it’s ‘too dinosaury’.

Well, fair enough


Huh. I picked up a second-hand Talon in part because of your enthusiasm for it. Not played it yet, mind…

Yeah, like I said the scalpel is really coming out now. Talon was a hardline space consideration for the big space combat game I’ve got coming in February. Never would have let it go otherwise, don’t let the sale discourage you!!

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It is a very short time-frame to go from this to a sale!

All good though, not a criticism. I just have a very different approach, having only sold/traded about 5 games over the last 15 years…

Yeah, I’ve been ruthless this year and Pax wasn’t getting repeat customers with my group. Not a game I want to teach in perpetuity.

I know a few people who do this for a majority of their games as a lifestyle. It makes sense for people who like to play a lot of games without having a mammoth collection. Easier to sell while the hype is high for a tiny loss than have it sit in a pile for a year and then have trouble selling for a lower price because the hype has move on and/or the market is saturated with copies. Basically turns it into a ‘rental’ system where each game costs £5-10 for a few weeks of plays. And if a game is sold out everywhere it sometimes has no loss involved at all.

It’s a very different way of looking at games, but it makes sense. I think easy access to a second hand market to sell to is the main hurdle for most people really. Sorting out couriers is a faff and stops it being quite so cost effective.


The “rental” thing isn’t far off from how I look at things except I’m rarely selling with recouping my investment in mind (I sell cheap in the vast majority of my transactions). And I hadn’t sold a game in my collection in 12 years until the great 2019 upheaval. There are a few main driving factors:

  1. I’m one of the primary GM’s (host/teacher) for my group, which is all about trying the hot new titles. So I’ve justified being a little more frivolous with buying new games.

  2. I am not at all sentimental with my purchases. When games get played to fresh faces each time at group (no repeat players/perpetual first game syndrome) AND doesn’t hit with my partner or plays poorly at two, it’s on the chopping block.

Simple as that. Has its perks and drawbacks, naturally.

[EDIT] Wanted to add that several games have ended up becoming somewhat ubiquitous within my circle of gaming friends. Many games (Black Angel in this case) have gotten the axe for that reason as well.


I just got rid of Tiny Towns. It’s a fine game, but it wasn’t for me.

Prior to that was Targi. Targi is the first game I’ve truly disliked.

Sold these at the Essen auction

  • Through the Ages: A Story of Civilisation - I can play Dominant Species for hours. But I don’t think I want to play a card tableau cube-pushing game for the same duration.
  • Tiny Epic Kingdoms - it was good. I like it enough. But I have to offload.
  • Mogul - It has simple but tough mechanics, but didn’t liked it enough
  • Notre Dame - like so many Felds I’ve played: it was alright.
  • Secrets - fun game, but the game is too random for me to do a proper deduction.
  • Fugitive - The marshal role is interesting with the deduction bit. The thief is a bit boring.
  • Ragusa - played it. Didn’t liked it. Calimala is waaay better.
  • Agricola: All Creatures - I prefer 2 player Misery Farm than this one. This also got purged due to its stupid box size. If I had the “Kosmos 2 player” size box of the original one, then I would have reconsider.

Would you be willing to go into detail?

Hmmm, it was a while back, but I’ll try. It just didnt seem to play well, was confusing, at least to me. Some games take a few goes to get into, I know, but with this one I never got back to it.


Sold at Midcon, both on the basis of “enjoyed it but didn’t play it enough to justify the space on my shelves”:

Colony – I barely even tried the alternate card setups. Just not much enthusiasm among my gaming group, and if I want to do solo I have TTS.

Tales of the Arabian Nights – it’s fun when I have several hours and I’m in the mood to be a cork on the seas of fate, but the combination of those two things doesn’t happen very often.

Post-Essen purge

Space Base - really like it, but it IS “Slot Machine: the Board Game”, and so it becomes a more philosophical decision, do I want to keep this game that tricks my brain by tapping on the dopamine button like a mobile app game. But it is fun. I would keep it if there is space. Unfortunately, I have to get rid of more and I chose this. Also for a simple game for non-gamers, some of the cards are very obtuse!

Ishtar - wait? Already?! Yeah. Very gorgeous game, but I prefer other tile laying games like Through the Desert, Samurai, or Taluva. The area majority mechanic is a bit weak. Trees are nearly useless. The skills are nice but they dont really work for me. I find the games I mentioned earlier to be more elegant and more interesting for my taste.

Letter Jam - ALREADY!? Yep. Just One is more for my taste. LJ is more cerebral, which is fine. But if I want to play a party game, I want something like Just One that provokes groans, cheers, and sighs.

Condottiere - I still like this, but nowadays it feels like it’s a game that is too punishing for me.

Madame Ching - I looove the theme and Vincent Dutrait’s art. The game is okay. But I found it hard to put this game in my bag when I always end up going for something else.

I found it easy to put the new Essen hotness on the table, hence they got booted easily. The only brand new ones I kept were Bali, Paris Connection and Castello Methoni so far.


Paladins of the West Kingdom - haha already! not enough space for Euros. My space for Euros is very limited

Kingdomino plus the Age of Giants exp - excellent filler, but I think it’s not the kind of filler I want to have nowadays.

Tinners Trail - good economic game by Wallace, but a bit underwhelming

Duhr: the Lesser Houses - hated it

Shifty Eyed Spies - same issues with Dead Last. Very group dependent. I have more fillers that aren’t as group dependent as SES.

Lost Cities - prefer Battle Line and Air, Land, & Sea

Tiny Epic Mechs - expecting a skirmish game in a box, got a cube pushing Euro fecking nonsense instead.

Thurn & Taxis - good game. Prefer it over any mid-weight or light-weight TTR games, but it’s not enough to stay in my collection

Samurai Spirit - It’s alright. That’s the problem. I’d rather play Ghost Stories.

Illusion - several more plays on high player count shows how turn order affects player decisions. Super lame. Good game, otherwise.

Palm Island - no longer into solo games any more as I don’t have the time usually. Also, it’s getting repetitive now

Targi - Decent 2 player, but it’s not for me. There are loads more 2 player games I highly prefer.

Noctiluca - brilliant filler game, but not the kind of filler game I now want in my tight collection

Isle of Skye very good light game. But my “light games” section is very hot right now so even a game like IoS gets chucked out


Where do you sell your games? Just curious because after donating a bunch of games earlier this year, I still have a number that I need to get rid of… and selling games makes it easier to justify buying new games.


Im the lazy type so I sell to local groups, friends (“mates rates” with them tho), and conventions. In cons, I usually offload around 20, or 30 in a good day.


I sell my games on the BGG GeekMarket. They take a small commission on any sales, but I find it works well, and it’s really easy to find buyers.

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There’s a UK based Facebook group, BGG and evilBay.

My preference is in that order after trying to sell locally.

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In Germany I use Ebay Kleinanzeigen.

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