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Last game you bought?

Excellent. You’ll love it. Nice to support your local store too. Kudos :+1:

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Yeah, I tend to buy from there every now and then when the price online is within $5 or so. Last I saw, CSI had Quacks for $30 (almost $15 in savings!), so I was very tempted to hold off, but they had taken my name for a restock alert and put a copy aside for me, so I feel that quality of service should be rewarded.


That’s quite a difference but as you say, service has to be rewarded too.
I remember doing similar when our local store ordered in Fury of Dracula for me and gave me a call when it was in.
Very sad when that store went. No real independent game store near here now.
There’s a comic shop that has tables for gaming too. Other than that, zip. Shame.

Just got given Cryptid as a birthday present. Bit excessive on the plastic packaging :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Vast & Fearsome Foes are out, The Ancient World (2nd ed.) is in. This is my first game with metal coins and I’ve gotta say, they are a really nice add to an already gorgeous presentation. I’ll shamelessly admit this was a vanity pickup, but I had been wanting to try a Laukat design for a while, and this felt like as good a place as any to jump in. The lack of a narrative focus appealed too. I’ll be curious how this one fits into my collection as I get the sense it’ll be competing directly with Architects of the West Kingdom.

Wasn’t that weird? I’ve never seen a game come with individually wrapped bits before.

I remember trying to get hold of the Fury of Dracula and it was eye watering scalper prices on ebay etc. Found a copy at retail price at a game shop, I was very happy.


Oh that must have felt glorious. When I find a decent gem of a game in The Works of TK Maxx I am delighted.

eBay has its uses but at times fellow gamers seem to rob each other blind.

Brothers and sisters of the geek; refrain thy overreaching prices to thine own. Let board games live and flourish where they can be enjoyed.

Or whatever.


I think they try but I struggle to believe anyone would lay 75quid for monikers for example (current rates online).

Best we can do is refuse to pay it I guess.

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Hmm good point. I hadn’t considered bid wars. Was just thinking initial but it now price.

I got lucky visiting family Saturday and found Treasure Island at their FLG, and man, that is one beautiful game. I thought it was pretty in the reviews and pictures I’ve seen, but it just doesn’t quite do the artwork or colors justice. Looking forward to getting into it some time this week!

On the topic of wanting to buy something else, does anyone know a decent way to get a copy of Quacks of Quedlinburg in the US? Looking online it seems like it’s going to cost a kidney for shipping from overseas or pay an exorbitant amount to get a hold of a copy anyone has over here.

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Bought Firenze, Cryptid, and Ora et Labora. I was so disappointed at Shipwreck Arcana that, in my rage, I went out and get Cryptid to show to my group what a good deduction game is. I was uuhhh and uuhhmmm during the UK Games Expo on Firenze, now I have found a seller that sells it nicely.


This may not be the right thread for it, but I’d love to read your reactions. I nearly jumped on the Kickstarter…

I backed out as well. I’m also a massive fan of Cryptid. I’d love to hear quick impressions too.

According to North Star Games’ website, they expect a shipment to come sometime in late June. Which is why I was really surprised when my FLGS got some copies in last week. You should just keep an eye out at your FLGS and/or FOGS to see if it shows up in stock in the next couple of weeks. Most places can send you a restock notice, if you don’t want to check in with them daily.


It’s here and I’m on the fence about keeping it


Is it not your usual type of game?

I’ve enjoyed the COIN games I’ve played but they’re quite hard to get played as they don’t suit my game group.

We have to set up another night to get them played and then they’re best with four. I’m not a solo guy either.

So whilst the theme really resonates I’m wholly unsure of it’s in my collection of 40-50 games.

Not paid for recently, but arrived at lunch time.

7th Continent

All in pledge.

Had to rush home at lunch cause the courier left it in a “safe place”, when it was not to be left unattended or unsigned for…


Way to go all-in @LuciusNexx! That’s practically a whole game collection all by itself!

I’m glad you were able to scoop it up from the “safe pace” (and that it wasn’t raining).

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Not being a COIN connoisseur, I admit, but I have to say that particular one kind of throws the general conceptions of COIN games out of kilter a little.

If you can’t get them to the table anyway, ditch all of them and have fun with your group, for crying out loud! But if you have gotten COIN on the table, Gandhi kind of flips some things around (it’s not groundbreaking or anything, but worth checking out before selling it).