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Last game you bought?

The Great sell continues…

Using some of the funds, I’ve bought Isle of Skye and Druids as well as Kras Kariert. Love German card games.


I kept the “insert” and turned it upside down so stuff doesn’t do that!

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I know right!?!?!?
I saw it initially and my reaction was “You can’t trick me into kickstarting your game. You CAN’T. I AM IMMOVABLE — wait. GRABOIDS? WHAT? YES PLEASE”


My copy of the Gloomhaven expansion Forgotten Circles that I preordered a year ago when I assumed I would be way farther into the Gloomhaven campaign just shipped today. :upside_down_face:


I bough Cave vs Cave Era II and hoping it’ll hit the table. My wife is not a fan of expansions. This one looks to tack on to the end of the game, providing four more rounds. It elongates the game and adds new rooms and iron (ooh).

I hope I can persuade her to play it.

We’ve played a few hands of Patchwork Doodle and it’s an extremely weird game. The gameplay itself is really nice and low level (by the end the choices are obvious and scores in later rounds should be equal as the influence of your initial set up wanes, the key to winning being how good your first part was).

The really weird thing is that for a 20 minute game about 15 of that is perhaps just spending time decorating the sheets. The game even comes with multicolour pencil crayons instead of the normal pencils or markers. The colours are an interesting choice because as an implement for marking they are crapper than the standard tools but as a device for having fun in the game it really elevates the game above what it actually is. I think there was some chat around this re: railroad ink too.

So I really like patchwork doodle but I think there’s a bit to be said about how much is due to the extra over the raw gameplay.

I finally caved and bought Root, after being undecided for ages. Still not sure whether I will regret this!


We’ve played a few hands of Patchwork Doodle and it’s an extremely weird game.

Is it very different to Second Chance? They look very similar.

Haven’t played Patchwork Doodle but what I’ve heard is Second Chance is much simpler. I enjoy it

It’d be a guess but my feeling is second chance is more tense and random.

Well we just finished up a round this morning (with no special house considerations for a 2-player count) and had a great time as usual. I can’t say immediately that the map itself really changes the flavour of “stock” 2P Wildlands, but you’ll definitely feel more exposed. The portals are smartly placed and the tower is always ripe for a sniper. Unfortunately my partner forgot about the two space rule with heavy ranged and planted Tak on the perch, which really hurt her. She had pressure on me throughout and there was no chance I was going to win on gems alone, so I needed to make a desperate play. Let me tell you how amazing a Lunk rampage feels when you can pull it off. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: In the end I gambled with an interrupt to draw two cards while my partner was mostly depleted, caught a little luck and moved in for a gem and the 5th point. I’m guessing there was an 80%+ chance she had me on her next turn.

I think with a little more experience the setup will get pretty juicy on the tower map. There are some really awkward spots to place gems and the portals make for fabulous ambush opportunities in the early rounds, especially with AOE. Flight and rally are amazing abilities here, too. I worry about the viability of the Pit Fighters on this map, but they could persevere if allowed to stay mobile and aggressive.

We haven’t tried the Crystal Canyons side yet. I’m not as excited about this one but the layout does look like it’ll make for quite the tactical conundrum, positioning- and maneuvering-wise. It’s a beautiful map but very busy.

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I just received Cockroach Poker for my birthday :smiley:

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I’ve bought some roll and writes from Germany - got Silver and Gold, Brikks, Dizzle, and Knaster

Quality game that! We get a ton of laughs anytime that hits the table, usually at my inability to bluff, but still, fun times. Happy Birthday too. :+1:

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I don’t know if a pre-order counts as “Last game you bought,” but I just pre-ordered Slide Quest because @bortmonkey brought it up in this thread, I’d never heard of it, but it seemed like everything I want in a good opener or wind-down that could also last a whole game-night.

I think it looks like fun for 1-4 people who are waiting for everyone to get to the table, it’s a dex game with content and co-op, and it has so many cool bits!


Same. I pre-ordered the Inis and Bärenpark expansions last night. There was a store I’d never heard of listing them as “in stock”, but I didn’t trust it to not be just unlabelled pre-orders :thinking:

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Awaiting mine a little anxiously in the UK - with it in the shops it feels a bit weird it ain’t here yet.

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Yeah, I e-mailed the place that I ordered mine from when I started seeing it show up in stores and, surprise surprise, I got an e-mail back that my “preorder had arrived!” haha…

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I recently purchased and got to play a couple of games of Quacks.

It’s really (really) good but I need to find some way to protect the tokens otherwise my irrational nerd rage will flip out over the scuff n crinkles of [completely legitimate] wear and tear!

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I use coin capsules for mine. It also makes rummaging around in the bag that much more satisfying :smiley:

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