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Last game you bought?

That’s my thinking exactly. Currently looking to shift ~£250 worth of stuff to get myself a Switch.

Current sold total h £19

Stuff up for sale - £163

So still need to decide on £80ish worth of stuff to sell

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@raged_norm If this helps, there are threads here for that (the first one that comes to mind is this one), and there’s a whole topic about buying & selling games that might be worth checking out: The Purchase Chamber.

I don’t know, give it a shot, it may prove fruitful.

I watch on Netflix. No tv required :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aww, I like a big TV (or monitor, same thing these days).

Or even a projection screen, like a movie theater! I don’t have a white wall that isn’t covered with stuff, but I could totally deal with that opposed to getting 4 more $80 games stacked at the foot of my bed (I would also totally get 4 more $80 games to stack at the foot of my bed).


Oh yes Thanks for the pointers. They’re up on the Geek and in a Facebook group. They’re at reasonable prices and I’m happy to wait for a seller at the prices I’m selling at

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What is your name on BGG so we can browse?

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Happy to post worldwide at cost. Will be looking for another lot to sell (the obvious candidate is PitchCar but I love it)

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I was very good at expo, only picking up some RPG bits and Fairies from Gothic Green Oak / Historic Game Shop. I am powerless to resist brightly coloured hand made wooden abstracts :blush:

Played a whole bunch of awesome demos though, so I’ll be splurging a lot more in the year ahead

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I didn’t know there is a JA boardgame! Do you know how it is?

I ordered some games because Milan-Spiele has a sale. First big purchase since Gloomhaven :smiley:

Deus (love the gameplay, hate the artwork)
Colt Express Carriage Horses expansion (got the base game as a Christmas present but I didn’t like it much, hoping the expansion improves on it a lot)
Tash-Kalar Nethervoid expansion
Tash-Kalar Etherweave expansion (really like the game though I don’t play it much but I like the idea of more decks a lot)
Flamme Rouge (even though I am super late I still ordered it because there is a lot of hype around it, especially from SUSD and I have hardcore racing bycicle fans)


Yeah, the Kickstarter unfortunately wasn’t that successful, I think many potential backers never learned of it’s existence.
I’m afraid it will take a while before I’ll get the game to the table, feedback from backers was positive so far, though (their perspective obviously tinted by nostalgia…).

I picked up Chronicles of Crime just before the SUSD review came out, I haven’t had time to play it yet - but I am hoping for a trashy good time. :slight_smile:

I’ve also been told that they may start shipping Terror Below to backers soon, which I’m very excited about :slight_smile:

I’m actually seeing pre-orders for that one on a Canadian retailer site. Was surprised to see that already! Let us know how it is, I had a hard time saying no to that one but stuck with it.

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I will definitely share my thoughts :slight_smile:

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Oooooo - I backed Terror Below too. They shamelessly played on my love of the movie “Tremors”…


My copy of The Shipwreck Arcana arrived today from the latest Kickstarter. Looks very nice, hopefully I’ll get it to the table next week. :slight_smile:

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If you like the JA pc games series, this podcast from Stay Forever could be something for you: https://www.stayforever.de/2016/12/jagged-alliance-folge-60/

picked up an expansion for Eldritch Horror The Dreamlands.

Only 2 more big box expansions to go and I have the complete set for EH.

My copy of Wildlands’ first map expansion came in at my local shop. I went and got it, and now I have it!


I need that!!! It’s all were missing and I think the Wizards Tower will be great at 2!

Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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I got into a sort of FOMO/Panic (ah! why is it harder to find this on store shelves) and ended up getting Arkham Horror: LCG Return to…Night of the Zealot & Dunwich Legacy. The whole 'premium storage is sort of funny to me since, with the expansion and mythos packs, the box for Dunwich is still 1/3 empty so everything is sort of bouncing around.