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Last game you bought?

I decided that being at a punk gig tonight was far too cool, so while I was there, I grabbed a good deal on Traders of Osaka on eBay.

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Got it today and it looks and feels great. Everything in there. Cards are a nice quality. Looking forward to giving it a go.

Just picked up Robinson Crusoe Mystery Tales expansion.

The Box, outside the store, because yay!

It’s a big box expansion that really didn’t need to be, its a little frustrating to see this if I’m honest. (but it wont take away form the game experience itself)

This is along the lines of the famous FFG “valley”
Only the Manual is the same size as the box.
They could have made the manual smaller and thicker and the whole box a lot smaller, and the 3 cardboard sheets for tiles could have been smaller too.

Still looking forward to the campaign in side the box. it’ll get the game to the table more often as its 5 scenarios in the campaign part.

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Sold TTR: Nordic, bought TTR: India and USA: 1910. Also put TTR: Asia up for sale

I still enjoy the full game of TTR and it’s one of the first two games I really enjoyed. I considered getting TTR: London bit the two factors above pushed me towards an expansion.


Ticket to Ride India is pretty cool.

UKGE means the annual splurge on games. Fewer than the last couple of years, as not going on Friday meant fewer deals and therefore fewer impulse purchases (probably for the better).

First off, I picked up a couple of preorders. The last two Ashes expansions (The Grave King and The Protector of Argaia), as well as Cat Cafe, which was on limited preorder ahead of the proper release, so I grabbed it for my cat-obsessed friend.

I also grabbed some UKGE merch. A version of Ramasjang and a dice tray that will hopefully make its way to me once it actually enters the country.

As for games actually bought at the show, I grabbed Realm of Sand which I’ve had my eye on since it was announced last year. I also picked up Inuit: The Snow Folk as it’s absolutely gorgeous. Though in a much bigger box than it needs.

Other than that, I picked up a few RPG bits. Used copies of the Dungeon Master’s Guide and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, in preparation for starting my own campaign. As well as a hard copy of The Book of Masks from the Spire rpg (which I Kickstarted and should be arriving next week).

Oh, and I of course picked up a SU&SD shirt (in fact, it was the first stall I went to).


Iron Dragon. The crayon rail life intrigues me.


Sorry if Im too lazy to write words, so im just posting pics. A Picture is worth a thousand words yadda yadda.

Not shown: Cat Cafe and Skull.

Promos: Splendor and Delorean Colt Express, both for my best friend. I got a genie promo card for 5 Tribes and a Promo action card for Tribes: Dawn of Humanity.

Tribes and Cat Cafe was the only new hotness that I bought. I resisted on Sushi Roll, Century: New World, At the Gates of Loyang reprint and other hotness. The others in shrink wrap was the rare Summoner Wars Alliances and 2 Cthulhu Wars expansions.

But I will defo back the kickstarter for Venice and Europe Divided


My Expo haul was mercilessly light. I bought Blue Lagoon, Ganz Schon Clever, The Climbers and Realm of Sand. Managed to paly the first 2 at the expo, and my word, Blue Lagoon was an exciting first game. Really glad I bought that one.

Edit: Also got the Survive! Expansion box. That should have been a smaller box with less plastic. That aside my group has grown so going to 6 players will be useful.

Also sold 6 games, so the minus 2 games total is pleasing to me.

Well the only one I really “bought” was Blame Space. But my demo pay was in games, so here come Aeon’s End Legacy, Flip City, Skull, and a backup copy of Splendor so that I can have the colour-blind-friendly cards and tokens with the original heavier chips.

I like pics. I think we all like pics. Reading is such a chore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please tell me you were able to restrain yourself to under $300 USD/£250 GBP/€ 270 EUR (whatever) because you could have gotten a nice TV or something instead of a box of cardboard (OK, I’m full of crap, I totally would have spent that on cardboard and dice and meeples. I think I want a better TV, but I actually spend it on cardboard boxes).

Oh, way less than that. My budget was £100 in cash (plus the shirt on top of that, as they weren’t taking cash). Plus it’s my birthday this weekend, so it’s perfectly acceptable to spend money on myself.

And I don’t need a new TV.

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I think I just feel guilty that I spent twenty bucks on dice last time I went to the FLGS.

(I also got a cheap magic trick that will amaze the 8-year-old, and my mom, so I’m using that to justify my purchase)

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You know what that TV comes in though? Cardboard…


The big cardboard boxes are the best! Like, the ones you can make forts out of. The kind refrigerators and dryers come in (and also liquor/wine boxes, they have those spacers that make it so an adult can stand on it and not crush the box).

Whoops! Sorry, let’s get back to the topic! I’ve been scavenging boxes from behind the local drug & grocer store to make box-forts with my kids, I kind of got off-track.

I’m back! Our drive up the East Coast is over, Mom is staying with me until her household goods arrive, and I am back in the office for a few hours today. This was waiting for me (a grail SPI game from 1976):


I also ordered a bunch of SW:IA expansions, since they are on sale after Asmodee announced they will stop supporting the game in Germany (and the German version of the app finally was realeased).


I don’t think I’d be interested in playing any of those older games, but they all have interesting/great cover artwork. And “A Future History Simulation” Just sounds cool.

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They’re fun for me, but only as solo intellectual exercises. I doubt I’d want to play these games with other people involved either. I agree 100% on the cover art of this era; superb! :grin: