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Last game you bought?


Definitely should play the base game a couple of times at least before the expansion.

But once you have some plays in, the expansion is so juicy!


So looking at the Spiel nominations and bought L.A.M.A. My favourite Knizia’s tend to be card games so thought it was worth a shot.

Also getting a copy of COIN tribes revolt: Boudica’s revolt against Caesar made.


Would love to hear what you think of the modules - I’m on the fence given the cost :confused:


I’m waiting for my friends to be free to play. From flicking through and having a quick play around:

Module 1 - More stuff. Good to see more faction tiles (think with all expansions together it’s like 31 factions now? It’s A LOT), and there are 13 more tiles for the bag. New entrepreneur dice, which are a new version of the orange dice… which further complicates everything to do with dice colour from the base box (they are dark blue, so count as blue for scoring colours and no colour for everything else). Generally, good to have more stuff, but unsure how necessary that all is after Ambition.

On the bright side, this box provides 60-something more dice, including base game colours and white/black dice, so there are liberal numbers of dice of all kinds now (I was always a bit worried about losing a white or black dice since there were no excess dice before). The orange dice are a slightly different shade to the ones in my ambition box (a shade or two brighter, more saturated orange), but the other colours match perfectly. It also means the Ambition rules can be played with Rivalry straight out the box - the rulebook includes some of these rules for those who don’t have the first expansion.

VARIANTS - the new variants change the $ icon on the dice into a deal or orb phase action, and there’s now a $ phase to select as part of this. Dice assigned to this phase are used for the variants. In the orb variant 1 die = 2 points of purchase power for new faces. In the deal variant 1 die = 1 deal. The two variants can be combined with the player deciding whether to assign each die to deal or orb.

Module 2 - Orb variant. Everyone gets a customisable dice that is rolled in public. The dice faces that can be added are grouped into the basic faces which are there at the start of the game + 8 other groups, each with 3 power levels - 1 point, 2 points, or 4 points. The group’s cover the basic phases, plus worker manipulation, credits and orb manipulation (including a face that duplicates an adjacent face). This doesn’t seem to add much complexity, but will accelerate the game even faster than Ambition allowed. Will this lead to min/maxing? I’ll see. The tableau and VP pool are expanded from 12 to 15 to account for this power boost. I could see this being fun for giving a bump to your chosen strategy, but maybe makes everyone a bit OP? I don’t think I’ll include in every game. At the end of the game 2 point faces are worth 1VP, and 4 point faces are worth 2VP (1 point faces are worth nothing).

I had heard in reviews that this orb adds AP while everyone chooses what to add, but I can’t see that being a concern. Since the faces fall into one of 8 groups, it’s more a case of choosing what sort of thing you want to do, and then at what power. It’s similar to Feast for Odin worker board - looks crazily complex but really boils down to a few decisions that greatly reduce the choices down.

They’ve been quite mindful of how this variant will work. There should be enough faces for a game, unless someone really dives into repeatedly buying the same face over and over. For these situations, there are ‘clone faces’. These can’t be bought, but instead indicate they are a copy of whatever face their pointing at (this varies from the copy face you can buy in that the copy face has no point score, but the clone face indicates scoring is copied too).

Module 3 - Deal variant. This is the weird one I’m eager to try. There are six (unique) deal dice which are rolled and then fixed on whatever face is showing. When you use the deal phase, you select two deal dice: one for the thing you’re giving away and one for the thing you’ll get in return. A trader dice is left on the board as part of this.

Each turn the deal will ‘mature’, moving the deal dice along a 3 space track. If the deal matures beyond that, the deal dice return to the selection pool and the player gets the trader dice they put in - this is the deal failing to be completed. For a deal to be completed, other dice need to be added to the OTHER side of the deal (i.e. they need to give the thing you chose to take, and take the thing you chose to give). If at the end of the deal phase, the same number of dice are on each side of the deal, the deal is completed, everyone gets their dice into the citizenry with the bonus from how far the deal has matured. You can place your own dice on either side of the deal as you see fit, but you must be able to give up whatever is demanded of the trade.

There are 5 white deal dice plus a black deal dice. The black is stronger in what it provides, so players must pay $1 to take whatever it provides, or claim $1 if they give up what it demands. The dice are in a customisable format, but are not customised in any way. Apparently this was a cost saving measure - presumably it’s cheaper to discard a misprinted face rather than having to discard an entire die each time there’s an issue (some of the faces are quite detailed printing), or maybe it’s just cheaper to print flat bits of plastic rather than a die?

So you could have players purposefully completing a deal to stop it maturing, or ensuring the deal is never completed to stop others getting the pay out.

It’s surprisingly simple compared to how convoluted it appears, but I think it adds too much to worry about to be included in a first game. I’m interested to see how janky this turns out to be. I like the idea that you have to give things up to get something, rather than the orb variant which just gives more power for free.

The game has grown a lot with this expansion. I’ve stored all the things that are seamless with the base game into the base game box, and kept everything involving variants that won’t be played every game (orb, deal, and the goals from Ambition) in the Rivalry box. Even then, the base box is VERY full.

All in all, I can see why it’s more expensive than the base game - it has 60% of the dice from the base game PLUS 11 customisable dice with 200 die faces. Whether it’s worth it or not we’ll see. I’ll be sure to post a review after we get a few games in.


Honestly I feel like it’s the expansion for the absolute fans if the game. I’ve got Base+Ambition but have no desire to get Rivalry as I have played the games about 5 times and still haven’t added all of Ambition in.


Absolutely, that’s my take too. If you’re making jokes about costs and asking why someone would spend £60 on an expansion, you’re not the target audience - the people who want it know for sure they love the game enough to warrant the cost. It’s not exactly extorting the latest hotness, and if anything, I’m amazed an expansion this crazy has been given the go ahead at all! It seems to go against every logical business decision in the book.

For me, it’s one of my favourite games (possibly top 3?) so I’ll hoover up any new material! And besides, I’m in the fortunate/unfortunate position where shelf space is more of a decider than cost for me tbh (so I’m slightly annoyed it doesn’t all fit in one box, but that’s life!). But I appreciate there are middling fans and big fans on a budget who are on the fence about whether it’s quite worth it or not. I’m interested to see how much it adds to the play experience - does it add more fun or is it just more faff to play the same game?

Regardless, I am loving seeing all these comments on BGG and board game communities about how average Joe thinks it could all be done cheaper.


And therein lies my problem - I would absolutely pay £20 for the Deal expansion, which sounds like a really interesting addition. Would I pay £60 for that, and some other bits that I probably wouldn’t use though? Probably not :frowning:


You could proxy Deal quite easily with some coloured dice and tokens (cross reference chart to translate a d6 to symbology when they’re rolled, then use the relevant tokens for each symbol on the deal board). It would have slightly more cross referencing, but I could see it working. I know it’s not the same… but it’s something.


Just a brief update on this: After 2.5 months since my initial request, I have received the missing pieces from WizKids. That’s a bit on the long side, maybe, but I’ve certainly been in situations where I’ve NEVER received a response from the seller when I’v requested a fix or replacement, so, all in all, I’m satisfied. Now maybe I’ll actually find the time to play it and the people to play it with!


I was looking to get the Knizia Lord of the Rings co-op expansions. Found them via Facebook marketplace - plus the base game, and the LotR games the Confrontation and the Search… all for 20 quid. This is one of my best deals ever!


Mechs vs Minions


It’s fantastic!!!


Welcome To.

I’m hoping I don’t regret it. Looks like on the bgg forum, there are a lot of production issues.


Are there? Not noticed any so tell me more…


Missing/damaged items. Some people said it seems the production quality has gone down in recent printings. Etc. I didn’t check out the forum until I’d bought it. Comes tomorrow.


I got a sealed copy of Root in a trade. It’s sealed, so that counts as a game I bought right?
I also bought Raccoon Tycoon since I wavered on it for so long last KS campaign and then found a deal good enough for me to bite. So I am gonna have a lot of wonderful animal goodness coming in. Now I just have to decide which games leave to make room…


I got it from the most recent KS and mine had no issues that I noticed. Just an FYI.


Received a French edition of Flamme Rouge: Peleton today, as I lost patience waiting for the English version to be reprinted. Strangely enough, the French edition comes with the rules reminder cards in English, French and German. Bonus!


I grabbed Wildlands with the Adventurers Party faction add-on. I am remarkably stoked to get this one played.


Both two Cthulhu Wars expansions in the UKGE: the Sleeper and the Windwalker