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Last game you bought?

I’ve not seen Villagers. Any good?

I’ve opened it, organised it, then ran out to go see Jon Ronson’s show. Give me a few days!

I really want Escape Plan now. Really really really.

I really hope someone will want to play it with me! I love Lacerda games, but they’re so difficult to get to the table

I’ll always play a Lacerda game!

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You’re a fine figure of a man!

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Haha my bad. Fair enough. Let us know what it’s like in due course.

Enjoy Jon Ronson (whoever that is) :wink:

He’s the Louis Theroux for nerds.

Ah okay. Intellectual nourishment :+1: Nice.

Cheers. Yeah, was eyeing that up too but I’ll give the base game a few runs first. Had a look through the rules and it seems pretty straightforward.

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Pandemic: Fall of Rome, on special. I’m not a huge fan of Pandemic, but this looks more interesting. Also, Just One

Also, just bought Slide Quest from Philibert, because it looks like stupid fun

Same. Pandemic is a game I’ll play if someone else wants to, but not one I’d pick. I love Fall of Rome though. Actually currently have it in my bag to play tonight :smiley:

A while ago the sweetheart and i decided we needed to start collecting Vlaada C(insert other letters). I think it was to do with some shrine we saw in the inter-webs or something?
Anyway, the last thing I bought was Duneon Petz (about a month ago). We’ve played it a few times now and are not sorry.

That is one I have had for years but have yet to get it to the table. :frowning:

Arraial on a very keen price and Second Chance to make the postage worth it.

Dreams can come true!!


110% this. Even non-gaming friends get excited when I open this box up. It’s like lighting fireworks off inside your house! Only maybe not as dangerous.

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I got a peek at the “Newly Arrived” shelf at Games of Berkeley on my walk to work and spied Tiny Towns and Sushi Roll. Despite my best efforts, I know I wont be able to stop myself from grabbing one of them on my way home from work.

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I already have Sushi Go Party, but I know I’ll be grabbing Roll at some point. It’s just a matter of time.