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Last game you bought?

I bought several games recently at a community event, some of which were unopened or unpunched. I’d love to brag about how little I paid for the number of games I bought but I wanna talk about a subtle point in Now Boarding. I should probably also consider how many games I bought but that is a different bowl of tokens.

A lot of games have denominations of coins. There is something about seeing tokens with numbers 1, 3 and 5 on them and look a bit like coins, if you have played a few games you grok pretty quickly. Most people would not be surprised to learn two 3 coin tokens have the same value as six 1 coin tokens. The game Now Boarding has airplanes with seat and speed upgrades. The tokens that represent speed look like jet engines, not coins. It never occurred to me that I could not grab a 2 speed token as my first upgrade. Upgrading once does not mean you can just grab a 2 speed token. Upgrading from 3 to 4 is referred to in a table as your fourth upgrade. It took a while to understand why there were no prices for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd upgrades. This is because you start with a speed of 3, maybe more. What you might consider your first time getting a speed upgrade the table considers your 4th upgrade: from speed value 3 to 4. I get it now but two intelligent adults took a few minutes to get it. If there is something more clear in the rules that we missed, well we missed it.

This was not a source of frustration, just confusion. I pass it on because I thought you might be interested in what is intuitive for some and what isn’t.

One of my local game shops had a copy of Skull (several, actually), and despite Quinns reminding us recently that it can be played with a plain ol’ deck of cards, I scooped it up. I had wanted this for a while but could never find it in stock anywhere.

I also bought Space Gate Odyssey which seems to be something of a tile-and-worker placement hybrid. The basic flow is that engineers work a(n international) space station, taking turns choosing an action which all players then take. These actions largely involve building and moving around in/activating a space base. The base provides portals for earning workers, upgrades for your engineers (more actions per turn), and portals to exoplanets. Workers engage the space base and beam down to exoplanets, and exoplanets provide influence (points) when colonized. Once all planets are colonized some very minor end game scoring happens and the game ends immediately. The player with the highest influence wins.

A bit of a mouthful, but I really like the scope of this game, and the mechanisms really appeal to me. I can’t even recall how I caught wind of this one originally, as it seems like a pretty obscure French title, but I’m happy (and surprised) to have seen it on the shelf, and grabbed it on a whim.


I don’t care what people say, the artwork of Skull justifies the purchase everytime I open it up.


I made a semi-blind purchase of Gizmos for a ridiculously low price. It looks like a combo engine builder which is right up my alley, but has anyone played it? Thoughts?


Whilst wandering around TK Maxx with the family, I stumbled upon (not literally) Steam Time for a very low price. Didn’t even realise they sold board games so it made that trip delightful for me! Played it once - was pretty good. Although got a few rules wrong. Didn’t matter as we enjoyed it. Wife was really good at it and beat me. She usually beats me at euros! :smile:

Played it a few times. It feels like a more complex splendor. What I love about it is when you buy more gizmo cards into your tableau, you can do chain effects of several actions in one go

It’s not my fave, but a competent one.

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Ta. I like a chain combo, so it sounds like it could be good fun. It was only £18!

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Its a great game (imo). If you like engine builders, you’ll probably like this. Great designer too (Phil Walker-Harding), he’s done a few games and I like them all.

Not recently bought but just arrived!

Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles

Much excitement!

I’ve read the first couple of pages fo the manual, and I feel like I did when I first opened Gloomhaven for the first time.

The box includes a few revised cards for 4 classes. so I’m interested to see what the changes are to those.
a new status effect (a positive one!) and 2 sealed envelopes, one, one is a box of cards so that will be interesting.


Yep just got mine too.

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Well Escape Plan/Lisboa, Forgotten Circles, and Villagers are all due any day now. Roll for the Galaxy Rivalry is being dispatched tomorrow.

What will arrive first??

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Picked up The Networks, Valletta and Peloponnes Card game, all were going cheap on 365games.co.uk, the sort of cheap that made it a no brainer really. I bought them separately and the postage to Ireland was just £1.99 each… that’s madness! I’d struggle to post a dvd that cheaply, never mind a boardgame. Still, not complaining! :slight_smile:

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I hope it’s Lisboa, Forgotten Circles, Villagers and then Escape Plan. Because that’s a wonderful, thematic narrative.


Lisboa and Escape Plan will be packaged together!

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In this most recent US Math Trade, I acquired two games: Campaign Trail & Sheriff of Nottingham (both new!) I have played Sheriff before and enjoyed it. I know someone on here has Campaign Trail…it seems right up my alley though, so I’m excited!

Plus my copy of Space Explorers came in from KS…so I can’t get anything new for a while now haha.

Okay, the race is ON. Received notification that one parcel will definitely arrive tomorrow. RftG:R is shipping today. I haven’t been home yet to check today’s mail.

It’s all to play for!

In a bout of retail therapy, I started a physical shelf of indie RPGs: Dream Askew / Dream Apart, Fiasco, Follow, Kingdom, Microscope, The Quiet Year, and The Warren.


The Networks is an excellent game, made even better by the Executives expansion.

I hope you enjoy it!


I remember really liking The Networks, I’d buy it if I saw it at a good price

I picked up Blue Moon City, was on sale at my local store


It’s a draw!

For a small card game, the production value of Villagers is crazy!