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Last game you bought?


Looove FCM! I sold my copy when I just couldn’t get it to the table enough, but I’ve regretted it ever since :crying_cat_face:


It’s not as good as the real thing, but… you can play FCM online.


Good to know, as I do plan to buy those expansions (at some point).

Thanks! :grinning:


GMT has informed me that I have been charged for Gandhi, the latest COIN title. I knew they would because I’ll almost certainly be traveling when it gets here. If I recall correctly, I have not been present to receive any of the COIN titles I own (which is all of them).


Yes, sadly IRL they need to be airtight. No point having them snap or twist to close when you’re going to have to seal them with tape anyway.


Can’t wait to own a COIN.

This and I’ve bought A Distant Plain from a local gaming buddy has me quite excited to own games with tricky subject matters handled well


My KS for Escape Plan (with Lisboa) is meant to arrive this week, but I’ve asked to delay it BECAUSE I’M IN LISBON.



I feel similarly, except that so far all I’ve ever done is wait. I signed up for the 3-player COIN game All Bridges Burning about a million years ago via GMT’s P500. I know they have no obligation to publish it at any specific time… but I’ve more or less forgotten the circumstances that made me think that three would be the most useful player count for my first venture into COIN. Still super-keen, and I sort of feel that maybe a few years here or there aren’t the important thing with games like this. [Checks GMT site again]


I know it’s SUSD recommended, that’s why I just bought it! I bought it via the same internet browser that I still have the SUSD tab open with. It’s 2019! I thought these sinister algorithims were supposed to know everything about me. If they’re so clever, why are they wasting stickers?


Bought Underwater Cities. And the VR glasses for Chronicles of Crime, which could arrive before the game itself.


Wait to the glasses not come in the box? I bought the game (unopened currently) do I need to buy the glasses?


The glasses are an add on

There is space for them in the box and even if you kickstarted with the specs you got them separately.


For the first time since my teens, I now have a chess board. A portable one.


I’m not sure you even need the glasses - opinion seems to be divided


I like the glasses but some people in my group, especially those who already wear glasses, say it doesn’t quite work for them


British amigos! I’ve bought the Norwegians expansion from Dark Sphere. Bonus points if you’re around London and you can pick it up from their shop in Shepherd’s Bush. Now, is it in English? I don’t know. It seems that it is.


Surely it says right on the box that it contains Norwegian? :thinking:


[sweats internally]


The German box has a German title on the front, so you’re probably fine.

NOW WILL IT PLEASE BE STOCKED ELSEWHERE?!?! (That and RftG Rivalry please)


I got my first COIN, Liberty or Death, in a math trade in March. Looks heavenly, but I haven’t got a chance to play it yet.

The people who I might be able to play it with, they’ll want to try a second play (and finish it this time) of Cuba Libre before trying another COIN game.