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Last game you bought?


Wow that is super cheap!


Got home to see a notice at my door. Just got in with my copy of Tiny Towns. It’s freakin’ big! I totally thought this was gonna be a small box, but it’s full-sized.

AEG has been knocking 'em outta the park for me personally over the last 2 years or so, and I am super excited to try this one out.


Tiny Towns is certainly one that I think the (reasonable amount of) hype is warranted; it looks like it could be a great universally-approachable family/filler game.


Yeah, I feel like this one should have the universal appeal of i.e. Ticket to Ride paired with that lovely puzzly brain-burn of Railroad Ink. Or I sure hope so!

[EDIT] Just got through a quick solo game. I really can’t see myself playing the Town Hall variant with a group, but I can see some folks preferring it, so it’s a nice option to have. This allows resource selection to be randomized via card draws and doubles up as the solo mode’s automation.

Just on a hunch I feel like a gigantic chunk of the fun will come from the rotating, player-selected resource gathering of the normal rules, and I really kind of bet on that. I am already perfectly satisfied with Railroad Ink as a solitaire and shared puzzle game, so having the baked-in player interaction (and the deeper decision space it’ll bring) in Tiny Towns was the main draw for me.

As for the game, there was a hilariously sharp spike in attitude across about ten minutes as I rifled through resources and watched my little plan come together with ease. Until it didn’t. And then it crushed me.
If I condensed my inner monologue it’d sound a bit like: “This is pretty mundane, I hope it’s not this light with others. Shuffling already?? Hmm, could always flip that one… hmmm… Oh… oh. Oh crap. Crap. Crap, ABORT! Rethink this, man, you got this, you… gotta do final scoring.”

I got 12, ladies and gentlemen. Not an auspicious debut. Really digging the thought process on this one and I’m absolutely certain my girl will love it (and destroy me consistently). I’m looking forward to exploring this one more.


I nabbed Quacks cheap in a sale and added on a super cheap copy of A Fake Artist Goes to New York just for kicks and so I have another game I can play with a larger group


Ordered Blood Rage during a spring sale this week.

I won’t have it for awhile though. The store I ordered it from has a great “hold my games” option, where you can place multiple orders until your total purchases equal enough for free shipping.

They hold games for up to six months, so that’s plenty of time.


Envious! I have been trying to find Quacks for a good price for weeks now, but it appears to be sold out everywhere or overpriced (sometimes to a ridiculous margin).

Sounds like a new shipment is expected to come in later this month, so I am hoping to pick it up then.


Just found a copy of Reinder Knizia’s Blue Lagoon in the clearance bin at my local Barnes & Noble. Every reviewer I follow that has played it has been pleasantly surprised by it. I don’t own any other Knizia games so hopefully this will serve as a gentle intro for me. More importantly, I hope it will entice my family into playing it with its bright colors and “Moana-esque” theme.


I bought the Token Trilogy Stonemaier Edition. I like high quality tokens. I’m pretty ambivalent about including card board punch with my game TADA.


Shadows: Amsterdam was on sale at my FLGS for $15. Heard decent things about it and at that price I figured I could take a chance.


Used an Amazon gift card to grab Pandemic Fall of Rome. I am excited!

Also grabbed some small petri dishes to use as bit holders in vanilla Pandemic and Iberia:smile:


Not really bought, but my KS copy of **Batman: Gotham City Chronicles arrived today. Looking forward to breaking into it when I have more time.


I bought the expansion for Inis! Im so happy that Im going to give a shout out at their site. https://www.playboardgames.co.uk/products/inis-isle-of-seasons

Never seen this site before, but I went with it anyway.

EDIT: Apparently it’s a pre-order. D’OH!


I didn’t even know this had been released!

Edit: Ah, pre-order. That makes more sense.


Ah. I am a fool! I made a mistake then. Boardgameprices said it’s available. I didn’t see it was a pre-order!


I think if it was available you would have heard about it either in the games news from SUSD themselves or here in the forum. :wink:


Chronicles of Crime - thought about Detective, but CoC sounded a bit easier to play


Turns out I know nothing about petri dishes; the lids do not snap or twist on, thus making them useless for bit storage. I could still use them as holders, but than I don’t need a pack of 16! Returned to Amazon! :roll_eyes:


The On the Brink and I think In the Lab expansions come with petri dishes that seal well enough, if you want some other options.


Bought Food Chain Magnate from someone. And it comes with the accordion and milestone boards. Nice.

Finally, I have my own copy of Root. So, I only need the new expansion and the upgrade kit from the KS.