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Last game you bought?


BGG says it’s an expansion: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/261526/food-chain-magnate-ketchup-mechanism-other-ideas


Ya I read that too, it just blows my mind that it is so expensive, it is the same price as the game.


Yeah, that’s Splotter Spellen for you.
I hope you can cancel the order, or have another 90$ on hand for the base game.

I ordered Detective: A modern crime story to play with my former T.I.M.E stories group.
And am contemplating getting World’s Fair 1893 and Tortoise and Tortoise and Hare, since they’re on heavy sale here (under 20€ for both).


So it isn’t even a stand alone game? That is pricey.

I am going to try and cancel my order. I read it isn’t supposed to be out until October anyways.


Shouldn’t be a problem to cancel a pre-order,. I think.


If it’s too late, then wait for it to go out of stock and resell it. Those Splotter stocks disappear really fast and very slow to reprint.


Oh yes, I completely agree. I was being slightly troll-ish with my comment.

Manuals get lowered into the recycling. Inserts usually stay a stay of execution. Foreign language cards go after a couple of plays (to confirm I’ve not missed anything).


Inserts, for me, gets thrown away if they can’t hold the components after bagging them. I store my games vertically.

I need to get into this foamcore business.


Am I the only one who’s absolutely paranoid and doesn’t throw anything away? Sometimes even bits of punchboard that came out of the middle of something else, just in case I’m wrong and it’s vital to the game …


Well, I never throw out materials in other languages. I’ve played with Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch speakers, among others, and regularly with Japanese speakers. Their English skills vary greatly, so having reference materials and rules they can refer to is great.


I pre-ordered Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas and I thought I was buying Food Chain Magnate . I am now concerned this is a totally different game or even worse a very expensive expansion.

And refunded!



I grabbed a few more games from BGG auctions that arrived last week. Shogun w/ NIS Shogun: Tenno’s Court as well as Biblios

Additionally, I participated in my first ever Math Trade on BGG. So, I’m not sure that counts as “games bought”, but I was excited to trade off Android: Infiltration, Machi Koro Deluxe Edition and an extra copy of Lunar Rails (while waiting for a used copy to arrive, I found a good price on a new-in-shrink copy and went ahead and ordered it… they arrived the same day and the used copy was “good enough” for a player’s copy, so I threw the NIS copy on my to-be-traded pile).

In exchange, I got a Fantasy Flight edition of Condottiere, a NIS copy of Chicago Express w/ NIS double-expansion Narrow Gauge & Erie Railroad Company, and Spyfall


I know it’s a trade and not a purchase, but I’m excited, so I’m gonna share it here anyways haha.

I found a copy of the Warfrog edition of Princes of the Renaissance for $20 (including shipping) that was in excellent shape. I didn’t really have any desire to play it, but I wanted to use it as trade bait or sell it off for a slight profit (once fees/shipping were taken into account). I ended up packaging it in a deal with a couple games I got for free and 6 games that I got from the thrift store over the last few months for $2 each for excellent copies of Great Western Trail and Secrets.


Ugh. I hate stickers.

Village almost did me in, much less any block wargame.

That’s my nightmare! A game full of crooked-stickered blocks…


Catacombs. That’s your whole night, right there.


Preordered Tiny Towns, looks like fun. Also grabbed Res Arcana and Songbirds


I float in the deep dark water. Downwards and downwards my body pulls me into the depths of the ocean, yearning towards a mysterious force that sends chill down my spine. I breathe effortlessly, as if I am on land. Like as if I’m residing inside a Lovecraftian dream.

As I dive deep, I see spires of Cyclopean scale. As I swim closer, the buildings are of architectural designs so alien and so different that it terrifies me like the xenophobic Lovecraft himself. I hear a beat, deep and terrifying. The beat grows stronger and stronger. A faint chant flows all over the deep water: “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”. Repeatedly it goes until it drills through my skull. The unimaginable terror invaded me, violating my soul, clinging all over me like the deep blue sea.

I woke up drench in cold sweat, with a scream escaping my tired lungs. I’m back in my room. A doorbell and a couple of knocks. I rush out of my room and opened the door. Oh. It’s the delivery man

“Uhhh… you’re LaLunaVerde, right?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Okay. Here’s your package”

I took it with two arms. A massive package. Almost Cyclopean. Eagerly, I rushed to open the box with a scissor. Almost tearing the invoice taped on the box into two. Terror beats in my heart and memories of that cosmic horror still fresh in my mind. I opened it.


The person who I used to be is no more. I am now cosmically insane.


I’m so very jealous!!! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and gaming vicariously through you!!!

Enjoy! :grinning:


I enjoyed this. Thank you. Also, I hear that game is a lot of fun and you’re in for a treat.


Costa Rica is ludicrously cheap on 365games.co.uk with a further 10% off sitewide, so I nabbed it.

Looks perfect fun for the kids and a killer filler for the gamers