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Last game you bought?


My copy of Getaway Driver arrived today, so I guess I have a raucous Friday night of stickering ahead of me. Hoping my girl digs this one… hope I do too!

I also grabbed a copy of Lisboa and I have no freaking idea what I’m in for, but here goes nothing.


As a heads up, I didn’t think the stickering was too bad. Instead of tweezers I managed fine with applying some pressure and moving misaligned stickers with my thumb until the fit was right. And despite some quality issues, the finished pieces look really cute imo so the work felt satisfying.


I actually cranked 'em out this morning before work. Took about a half an hour, hamfisting it. Poor cut quality on my sheet, so I’ll likely bust out the scalpel later, but they were worth the effort for the most part. Armoured truck, motorcycle and helicopter all have pretty mediocre looks. The rest are adorable.


Armoured truck is the worst! Maybe we can swap out the mediocre ones with some homemade stickers (or someone designs them and posts them on BGG).


Bought Santa Maria from a group on Facebook and Welcome to…

Wanted to buy Railroad Ink as well but nowhere seems to have the Blue One in stock


Yeah, Red seems to be constantly available, while Blue often sells out the day it hits stock.


Because Blue is obviously the superior colour!


I actually (completely unfounded) believe that it’s a symptom of gamers preferring less aggressive and more chill versions of games over something which just comes on destroys whatever you’re doing


Sure, Blue is chill and easy going, but Red is fiery and exciting!




This. Again.

Played with my mum and she bought my copy. So that’s a win?!


Is it bad that I kind of look forward to this kind of thing?


That is a win.


I picked up a copy of Fugitive over the weekend, in a partial sale/trade for my copy of Nemo’s War (decided I had my fill). It’s always fun to find out you’ve got a SUSD recommended game by happenstance. And it’s good! Made a good first impression, anyway.


Well played, sir :clap::clap::clap:


I bought Res Arcana. I was pretty excited as I’ve probably played over 300 games of Race for the Galaxy on the free computer version.

I feel that it is too efficient to discard cards for resources in Res Arcana. I was disappointed.


Concordia Venus expansion

…I hate hate hate it when several languages of components is in a single box! End up having to sort through everything to separate it out, then double check the manual that you’ve kept everything you need, then double check the cards for the trash to triply make sure nothing vital is in there. And then live in existential dread you won’t realise something’s missing after a few games.


Simple, never throw anything out.


It wouldn’t all fit in the box! That’s like 200-300 extra cards that will never be used!

I always throw out as much as possible - I was half tempted to throw out the duplicate Concordia player cards too, but that was a bit too far.


I pre-ordered Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas and I thought I was buying Food Chain Magnate. I am now concerned this is a totally different game or even worse a very expensive expansion.

Does anyone know if I have wasted my money or I have just purchased a different game, or I have purchased maybe the next edition that has extras in it?