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Last game you bought?


This past Thursday, I received some more packages from BGG auctions. Newly added to the shelf of shame:

  • Imhotep - I’m pretty sure my partner will like this one, but it’ll be a few months yet before I’ll have a chance to find out due to our second daughter expected this July
  • Res Arcana - don’t really know a lot about this one other than the designer. Looking forward to reading the rules because it sounds like one that will go over very well with my weekly game group
  • Rajas of the Ganges - I would have bought this strictly from designer cred alone but I’ve also been eyeing it for several months and I’m super excited to finally check it out


It’s going to be my game piece(s) for Apollo. It will be replacing the functional, but very boring cardboard standees. It also offially ousts the mushroom cloud Supremacy pieces as my favorite(s) too.


After months of pining I cracked and purchased the New Games Order version of Can’t Stop

It’s much more lovely than any other version.


Went to my game store, rented a copy of Century Spice Road and purchased Cryptid and Welcome to…


@Boydesian I love it, I have no small amount of jealousy for that fantastic build. Replacing standees (or any other boring/functional bits) with Lego is something everyone should do.

(Or jigsawed balsa wood, papercrafts, Tinkertoy, whatever. Some stuff is perfect out of the box, but when you can do stuff like that, it gets 1billion percent better).


I played a game this evening and wrote an illustrated AAR in the Last Played Thread. It was sporting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Link it you silly man!

That looks awesome, btw.


Decrypto, some Memoir 44 stuff, and I sort of accidentally got a Pillars of the Earth on eBay…


Finally ordered Viticulture EE and Arboretum. Both have been on my wishlist for months, and are primarily to play with my gf. Also grabbed the remaining Ashes decks that were on sale, and the Monsters and Minions expansion for Roll Player.

I went a bit overboard, but it was my bday the other week, so I feel like I’m allowed. At least that’s how I justify it to myself!

Probably won’t make another purchase for a few weeks (or more), but I’m hoping to grab a couple of expansion for Aristeia! and Rum & Bones at some point (though the latter are harder to get as they are rarely in-stock).


Bought Fuji, another Wolfgang Warsch game. I’ve liked every game of his so far, so I figured I’d like this too


I bought Arboretum Deluxe as I wanted a travel game that my girlfriend could enjoy and the deluxe copy was only a few pounds more than the standard edition so… Why not?

Turns out there was a good reason why not, which is that the deluxe cards are SO unsightly I’m still scratching my head as to why anyone approved them. They have a metallic coating which means they reflect strongly under even the dimmest of lighting which is super annoying and distracting.


I’ve come to realize that “deluxe” means something different to publishers than it does to everybody else. The one possible exception to that may be Tasty Minstrel Games, but even sometimes they fall into the classic Jurassic Park problem of, they were “so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.


After we finished the 7 years of Hogwarts Battle, my girlfriend wanted to buy Monster box of Monsters expansion. So we ended up playing it this weekend, and we lost spectacularly. I did find myself laughing a lot and really had a much better time playing this one than the original. I don’t know why though because the expansion is just more of the same. It does add “penalties” which clog up your deck and the encounters are fun. But we had 12 bad guys and only killed 2 before we lost. So, I had a ton of fun and am looking forward to playing the game again which really surprised me because I was dreading playing it again as Hogwarts Battle was just a slow solitaire deck builder which seemed to depend mostly on luck.


We had much more fun when we added a few house rules to Hogwarts Battle;

  • The enemies and Dark Arts and placed in chronological order; with DA’s being added to the deck as we get to the first villain of the associated movie.
  • I separated the card deck into three stacks; 1-3, 4-5, and 6+ (or something like that, it’s been awhile), and had 2 from each stack on the board. You could probably get away with 1-4 and 5+ as well, and have 3 from each.

This all drastically smoothed out the randomness. The downside, was it made the game a little too easy, but still long. I’m not sure how it would impact Year 7 (my son isn’t that far in the movies yet, and it actually has a fair amount of spoilers), or the MBoM though.


Bought Taluva based on @Markus 's board game recommendation engine.

Vanuatu because a friend that I have good overlap of taste on games said it’s one of the meanest games he has played. Also, the Pacific Island theme is always great.

Speaking of Pacific Island themes: still looking for Tavarua


Because of a $5 off of $10 deal on eBay, I purchased Hanamikoji which should get to me sometime next month. Heard good things about it and I enjoy getting 2-player games for my wife and I to play.


Looks like you chose the perfect time to get into the game as the decks that are about to come out are the last two they’ll be releasing: https://www.plaidhatgames.com/news/987


Interesting. Fortunately, there’s a fair amount of content, especially as a casual player. With the last batch I ordered we’ll be up to 14 decks, and that’s plenty of variety. I’ll still watch for the others to go on sale, as some of them sounded really interesting.


The past two months I’ve added the following games to my collection (all due to the reviews I saw on the SUSD Youtube-channel):

Memoir '44, Sheriff of Nottingham, Cash 'n Guns, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and Love Letter.

The only game I didn’t really enjoy is Love Letter, the rest have become instant classics.


I bought a bunch of games with some very good bargains at the Breakout Con Bring and Buy a couple weeks ago. I picked up Dogs Of War (I hear this is a very good game and Paolo Mori can do no wrong), Polis (a classic that is some people maintain is still their favourite game ever), Mysterium (one of my favourite games that a friend already has, but I couldn’t pass it up for $20), Splendor (another game that was already a favourite and was available for a really good price), and Grim (this game is not good and the rulebook is atrocious; we knew nothing about this game, but my partner took a punt on it at $5 and regrets her choice).