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Last game you bought?


Not sure if this counts as buying - per se - but I participated in the Two Player Fair Trade It Forward list on BGG, and for $15 shipping, sent Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (which I never get to the table) off to a nice chap in Illinois and a Nebraskan gent mailed me Lost Cities, Battle Line, The Lady and the Tiger, Welcome to the Dungeon, and a copy of Exploding Kittens that shall be promptly given away to a friend.

EDIT: Considering that I already have Arboretum, Jaipur, Bohnanza, Game of Thrones: Hand of the King, Coup, Citadels, Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game, and The Great Dalmuti on my shelf, I may have a mild obsession with small box card games like Quinns.


The Lady and the Tiger is one that caught my attention and one for which I’ve been keeping an eye out. Battle Line I picked up for $5 from a reject pile after a local convention’s auction but have never played (my wife is my primary 2-player partner and this certainly doesn’t seem like one she’d enjoy). I also recently grabbed Welcome to the Dungeon but haven’t gotten that one out yet… but it’s on the short list for tomorrow’s game night.


I can’t vouch for The Lady and the Tiger or Welcome to the Dungeon just yet, but I have improvised Battle Line’s predecessor - Schotten Totten - with other card decks with my wife and can vouch for it being pretty good. Haven’t tried out the special cards, but the basic premise of building a bunch of 3 card poker hands simultaneously is just great.


Had a recent games cull and decided to use some of the space by picking up some small games, and then some even smaller games.

Picked up Targi at last, been waiting for an english language version for ages now. Then some very light games including 6 nimmt!, L.A.M.A and Impact: Battle of Elements, all for simple pick up and play games with the family.

Also finally got the Automobiles: Racing Season Expansion… mostly for the addition of ‘new stuff’ but also for it’s space saving box size compared to the base game (new box holds both).


I only found out about this a few months ago, and nobody’s selling it in the UK…


I know! I ended up getting the eng version delivered from a shop in Germany. Made it a bit pricey and only realised afterwards that they did flat rate delivery so I could have added a few more things. Of course that wouldn’t have decreased the price, but my brain would have considered it a win!


Today I received two different packages from BGG Auctions. One shipped all the way across town (about 40 miles, that’s about 6500000 centimeters) because neither of us had the time to spare to meet up; this one contained Fresco which, I’ll admit, I kinda backburnered on my Wishlist for quite some time. It has a lot of things I really look for in euro-style games… but the dummy player is still iffy in my book. I will categorize this as a strictly 3-4 player game and likely entire ignore the “2-4” player suggestion on the box.

The other package contained both Paris Connection, a Winsome-games-via-Queen filler-weight stock-based route-building game, and Trains, one of the first games that SUSD ever got me interested in. The only reason I’ve never gone so far as to pay full retail for Trains is that the theme is so bland that I can’t imagine anybody I know enjoying it as much as I will (I guess Quinns and I are alike in that we both enjoy the idea of “Normal Train” as one of the cards in this game).

So… three games; two of which are train-themed and two of which are Queen Games imprints… and for $10 a piece (well, before shipping… so about $21.50 each all said and done)


So, at the weekend, I bought both Trapwords and Whitehall Mystery. Played Trapwords before as a large group and really enjoyed it. Whitehall Mystery was purchased purely on watching the video that Quinns, Matt and Paul made playing it!


I was 100% sure I didn’t need any hidden movement games in my collection up until I saw SUSD play Whitehall Mystery… Now it’s a “must have”, at least until I play it and find out if it’s something my partner and/or I will enjoy.


I bought:

  • Snow Tails based on SUSD forumers recommendation!
  • Vanuatu - I heard it’s a mean game, also set in the Pacific, which I’m always a sucker.
  • San Juan 2nd Edition - No one has this game in my group. I find it a chill version of Race and without the uuhhh… bad bits of Puerto Rico.
  • Welcome Back to the Dungeon - a couple of my friends have the 1st one, so I went for the 2nd. If I love this, then I’ll grab the first one too. I wonder if it’s possible to mix them up.


Snow Tails wins the award for best boardgame pun.


Picked up a couple of deals on damaged copies of Magic Maze: Maximum Security and Mission Red Planet last night. And then Board Game Guru had an offer on, so I picked up the Gathering Storm expansion for Race for the Galaxy.


Love Mission Red Planet, great game especially with 4+ players


My local shop had a single copy of The Emergence of Shy Pluto, which wasn’t something I was in a rush to pick up, but figured what the heck. Space Base is a serious favourite of mine, so I’m pretty excited to have it.

Ultraviolet Grasslands funded last week too, so there was that. I actually pledged for a limited edition of that one, I’m pretty enamoured with it.


I’ve dove into A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game from CMON. A friend and I have played 3 times (Lannister vs. Stark) and we can’t get enough. It’s simple enough that we don’t get bogged down with rulings and it’s got enough strategy and dice rolling to still make each match interesting.


Not a game, but I have board game plans for this. Really, I do.


Did you steal my multi-tool? (Even if you did, that’s fine, I’d give it to you anyway if you needed it).

Nevermind, I just found mine. Is that a SOG? The locks looks similar, but not the spine oh heck just PM me, I’m getting way off track here).

But that Lego set looks awesome. What do you want to do with it?

(EDIT: I mean, obviously, I’d just build it. And break it and make new stuff after. @brattyjedi made a whole topic about this sort of thing (which is frankly awesome). I just meant, in board-game terms, what are your plans?)


I bought res arcana because it looks like an awesome game. But truthfully because it has a cool insert that means I don’t have to separate out the tokens.

A quality way of deciding on game purchases I’m sure you’ll all agree.


You have no idea how many games I’ve bought just because the inside of the box won’t be problematic, @mistercrayon.


I find the opposite is also true. Altiplano is such a great game that I’ll almost always refuse to play now because, as chief setter upper in my house, it’s a complete pain to get ready. Sooo fiddly and tokeny.