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Last game you bought?


Yeah @RogerBW , the only thing you get is “Wonder Forge,” which, according to their website, is “Jacobe Chrisman (Founder & CEO) and a small group of creative types” whatever that means.


And I thought I was bad! I own 4 and have 5 more on order…


So, recent my acquisition-rate has been slowing down… I think.

Last Friday, I met up with somebody who was selling games on the local Facebook Boardgame Marketplace group and picked up a copy of Mottainai: Deluxe and Mafia de Cuba for $10 each.

And yesterday, my copy of Coldwater Crown arrived from when I picked it up on sale at my OGS a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure where I first heard about this game… but I’ve been trying to locate a reasonably-priced copy for quite some time. I think the spiritual successor to this game, Freshwater Fly, launching its KS campaign probably had something to do with retailers flushing out their supplies of Coldwater Crown (I don’t typically need to wear my tinfoil hat…)


Gloomhaven arrived a week early… My 2nd group is much excite to start this journey.

I didn’t pick it up, I gravitated towards it.


There’s already an expansion. :slight_smile:


Got El Grande: Decennial for £40


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
I got to finally pull the trigger on my wishlist purchases and I’m quite excite as it’s pretty much the first thing I’ve been able to allow myself to buy since… December?

  • Fury of Dracula
  • Betrayal Legacy
  • The last 3 mythos packs for AH:LCG Dunkirk Legacy plus the first mythos pack from the next expansion.
  • The Wingspan replacement items: Ok it’s free but still.

I was going to get Dice Throne and Root but decided to save that for another time.
Now the first worldliest of first world problems: where am I going to put all this stuff?


An online shop offered a War of the Ring bundle (base game plus both expansions and promos) for 85€, so I placed an order.
I mean, it’ll probably take a year until I get to play the base game, but the possibility to go all out on rewriting Middle Earth history is just too alluring (the same appeal Rebellion holds for Star Wars fans I guess).


“Holy cow!”, thinks I, “They’ve done a WW2 campaign? Why did I not know about this?”

No joke, I got really excited, damn you @simian!


I got a used Twilight Imperium 4 off a facebook group. Slightly scared.


Yeah I realized that this morning :blush:
I’d been thinking of watching Dunkirk last night and it must have been in my subconscious.


Found this on my Sunday morning walkabout. SPI/TSR; 1987; still in original wrap.


I went a bit expansions crazy. Quacks, Spirit Island, and Great Western Trail now all have their expansions.

Also got Underwater Cities because I liked the looks of it, and I worked really hard at the weekend to get my work submission through!

Now if only Roll for the Galaxy Rivalry (preorder pending) and A Feast for Odin The Norwegians will just get stocked…


You gave me a fright there. I thought you said they just got restocked!



But seriously, I get the shock of Wingspan’s success, but couldn’t they have prepared for stocking an expansion for a well regarded game a little better?! My FLGS got 3 copies!


Norwegians are probably fairly difficult to convince to crawl into tiny boxes. I can certainly understand the delay in shipping units in large quantities.


We need a modern-day reverse Viking to sort those lot out!


You’re right, the true enemy are (and always have been) The Norwegians.


I just received mine. Looks good so far! :laughing::+1:t3:


Excellent! I did get a few games in and it’s great.