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Last game you bought?


Got 1066: Tears to Many Mothers used for 1/2 price retail. I still dont know why 1.) The box is huge 2.) The game is overpriced for what it is.


Birthday present:


El Dorado. I havent bought something that wasnt part of a SUSD review for ages since its where i learn most of my boardgame info. But i dont buy everything they recommend at least


How many GMTs do you own now? Every time i think you’ve got them all another one appears! Haha


28 now…and counting (I have several on order via P500).


Not exactly bought…

@mistercrayon was kind enough to send me Belratti all the way from Cardiff. I had to look up the English rules (the rules were in German, and my German is only slightly worse than my English) but it’s a really easy pick-up-and-play game that still has depth. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a good pocket/pub game, and I’m very grateful that I got this super-cool surprise in the mail.

Thanks, @mistercrayon, this is awesome!

I also got some tequila and ginger ale on the same day, but that was totally by coincidence.

(EDIT: Mr. Bun isn’t drunk, he just likes to sit there and watch the cars and dog-walkers go by. He’s pretty chill for a stuffed animal).


Do you diversify by theme or mechanics?


(I’m guessing that, like me, @Boydesian goes for “wherever there’s room, put it in the pile.” I double checked on the Game Collection thread, I think we both use the same system. But I’m also guessing that he likes thematically diverse games that still play to core wargame mechanics, with the occasional curve-ball games that are unlike any others).


Sure, butI was edging towards a question in the mechanical similarities of gmt games. I was struck that there is an opportunity for many games with very similar mechanics which would still all find a place in a person’s xollection. This is obviously the case in general bur I wondered if thia was a niche where it was particularky thw case


I thought that’s what you meant, El, but I’m such a blabbermouth, I couldn’t keep it all inside.


Interesting question. War games are similar by nature, but tend to differentiate themselves with the level of complexity, and their scope. On one end you have monstrosities like the theater level Campaign for North Africa (which is just bloody bonkers) and on the other end of the spectrum, something like my old copy of SPI’s company level Rifle & Saber (which has a page and a half of rules that completely disregards things like morale; basically it’s move and shoot and trust to tactical placement and the whim of Ares). Personally, I prefer tactical level games at company to regimental level, but GMT has a terrific array of grand strategic level games that I really enjoy as well. Subject matter is my main draw with the war games that I own, with mechanics a distant second. Weird perhaps, but true.

Of course, you must also keep in mind that I buy these almost exclusively to play by myself (games like Dominant Species, Command & Colors Ancients or Sekigahara are exceptions).


Get out of my MIND!!!


A Pleasant Journey to Neko, which I’ve been after for a while! Yay! :passenger_ship::penguin:


Got the two Power Grid maps I was missing as a result of selling some games I’m not excited to play anymore.

Also I chucked the Fabled expansion on. Decided that I’ll skip the promos and Stock Companies as 18 maps gives more than enough variety


Disney - Villainous. @brattyjedi mentioned it in another topic (this one, here), and then my mouse clicked on it and bought it before my brain could catch up.

The mechanics are fun, and the components are like delicious candy.

Being a Disney student (I literally studied Disney in college: art classes, mass-media and popular culture, economics, lit, sociology, anthropology, and civics I WENT TO COLLEGE FOR A VERY LONG TIME, OK?) Villainous has a strong appeal to me.

I really hope they come out with expansions for other evil-doers, like Cruella de Vil, SARK or the MCP from TRON, Maximilian from The Black Hole, Hades, Madame Medusa from The Rescuers…the list just gets longer and longer the more I think about it.

It’s a fine game, but mostly I’m just geeking out about the figures and cards.


OK, the weather cleared up and I got a picture. The box design is, itself, a work of art in its own right. I totally dig the art direction of obsidian black lettering (in a classic evil-Disney typeface with gold trim) and the ominous dark pea-soup green background the the shadow of Maleficent. You can’t tell in this photo, but the lettering is glossy while the rest of the box is matte (except for the fancy gold trim). The figures are practically Gummi Bear candy-perfect, with only minor imperfections from the mold, I had a hard time trying not to eat them.


It took me a while to catch on when seeing the term used in press copy and community comments… This technique is called “Spot UV”. This is where the printing process applies UV-activated stuff on only a portion of the printed surface that becomes glossy after cured with UV.

† : technical term


Wow! I’d love to see that (I used to work at a print shop, and have worked in art studios, and even though we had a lot of sophisticated tools in each, we didn’t have anything nearly as cool as that).


I just wish they had the guts to credit their designers. I don’t buy anonymous games.


Interesting. You see that term (Spot UV) as a SG on a lot of KS’s. I never knew what it meant.

The more you know! :rainbow: