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Last game you bought?


Haven. This is a small 2 player alf seegert, area control, location grabber game. I weighed it up against omen by John Clowdus and went with the £15 option after reading the spacebiff review and subsequent comments. Should have change after selling my shrinked ks duelosaur island. :male_detective:


What is known about gameplay atm?


Here’s a video overview!


£75 from Chaos Cards or £81 from Zatu. Amazon UK have just got their stock in at £93 which feels a bit on the steep side. OTOH, the production value is amazing. The ship models are phenomenally detailed and very hard-wearing (not the plastic bag of army toys feel of M44, although I do like that as well), the cards are high quality and the scenery and tokens are very high quality, punching out cleanly (more than I can say for most FFG games of this type).

I paid more as I got a Kickstarter set from eBay, complete with all six (!) expansions the game has launched with (Dreadnought, Carrier, Vice-Admiral’s Flagship, Space Platform, Meteor Storm, Space Rift). Think it might be a while before I get round to using those though!


You don’t get the card holders with the game though, they’re mine :slight_smile:


I was given those card holders as a gift. Pretty neat!


I picked up a cheap(ish) copy of Spring Meadow during an online sale. I figure I’ve had a lot of success with Patchwork and Barenpark and good feedback from Rahdo and Actualol tipped me over the edge.


Finally found Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg at a decent price. Small and slightly odd deduction game as two factions try to collect the items they want.


Hmm. Seems like the dice drafting would not impact much on the results if its straight up higher numbers better. Everyone would draft fairly even ‘hands’ to equal benefit. Unless there is more assymmetry in how taverns develop i guess.


I have a similar DIY project coming up, I think. I am looking at, perhaps, custom-stickering about 600 poker chips.

  1. Do you have any resources you used when planning your project?
  2. How much care did you take in aligning the direction of the front to the back? I really can’t decide if I should try to line it up or not


I used wooden discs from Casey’s(?) which were very cheap and have a really nice feel. I didn’t use stickers for the back of the discs, mostly because the wood feels good but also because it makes it easier to feel which side needs concealing from your opponents when you draw it from your bag.

I used Paintshop, wooden discs, and precut glossy stickers (laser printer) for the discs. Poker chip storage. Glue gun, greaseproof paper, ice, and a wax seal stamp for some tokens, and 1/5 yen coins for others.

More details here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1243956/chip-dominion-build-process-perfect-set


Haven’t got a chance to play it yet, but I’ve watched a rules overview, so I have a grasp of the gameplay.
It’s not that higher dice are always better, since each guest demands a certain dice roll, from 2 to 6, and you reveal your cards before rolling the dice. At the start of the game, you will only have low-numbered guests who will demand a 2 or 3, and only bring in as much money. The higher-numbered guests are bought during the game as one way of upgrading. There are also other numbers needed for the different parts of your tavern (e.g. the beer cellar needs a 1 or a 6), so the dice you want are dependant on the cards you drew and your plans for this round.
Without having played it, the dice drafting seems like a nice little addition which offers a small amount of interaction.
What I like about the concept is how the tavern itself is modular, and each part (apart from the main guest room) can be upgraded by flipping it over.

The different modules that make the game gradually more complex are also an interesting idea. Just playing module one would definitely make it a lightweight family game, lighter than Quacks imo, but adding more and more modules (you always have to include all lower-numbered modules, e.g. you can’t just use module 1+4, it has to be 1-4) would put it into light-medium territory I guess.


Ah. Yes that does sound cool. Effectively I could choose to build up a tavern which competed directly with yours by having similar cards and reqiring similar dice. Alternatively I could attempt to make mine distinct. Thematic.

This modularity is something I think is interesting in general. There is a lot of criticism of ks which include expansions (often as stretch goals), but here I think the modules sound interesting and worthwhile. However, the difference between the two seems solely semantic to my eye. There is probably a point here about the importance of game development but its saturday so I’m not thinking too hard.

Anyway, ta for the explanation. Sounds exciting. Cool mechanics at an excessible weight sounds great.


In Tavernen it sounds as if the expansions were well thought out and tested to make the game gradually more complex, while with Kickstarter, that’s unfortunately seldom the case.
I’d really love to try it tonight, but I’m meeting with the more AT-prone group and we’ll probably end up playing Spartacus or Champions of Midgard.


Yes. I’m almost surprised there aren’t development specialists available to support ks, the same way there are fulfillment specialists but I guess the margins on boardgames are small enough as it is. Thanks for stoking the psyche for this game. Have a nice evening.



That Scythe Encounters deck is an outstanding addition to the game. Really love that SM made that happen. Simple added variety and some of those cards are fun!

I have acquired a badly damaged (minor-ish on box, major on insert, components flawless) copy of Flamme Rouge including the Peloton and Meteo expansions. I’ve already reinforced the bottom of the box, so I think I’m just gonna do that for the whole thing and toss in a few separators while I’m at it. I’m incredibly impressed with the component quality of this game. Excellent stock.


I was really torn when I decided to sleeve my copy of Flamme Rouge. The cardstock is so great but the repetitive shuffling of increasingly-smaller decks really became tiring.


I took the plunge and order the core box for Ashes: Rise of the Pheonix Born along with the two deluxe expansions as it was all on sale.

Also grabbed a couple of expansions for a few different games; Valeria Card Kingdoms, Raiders of the North Sea and Wildlands.

Also grabbed Catacombs Conquest because my son wanted it, and I agreed it looked fun.


I don’t sleeve anything, but if I did I’d definitely have a hard time doing so here. It’s not flawless though—the cards from Peloton have different corner beveling.


Unless by some cruel cruel act of fate, I’ll be getting my semi-annual bonus installment from work. The majority will go to adulting, pre-emptive adulting and some other boring stuff but I do believe that I’ll be able to finally purchase something from my wish list…
It also means I can contribute to the NPI KS. Huzzah!

  • please please please please don’t let the fates of Murphy intervene… *