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Last game you bought?


I’m somehow not that fond of punching cardboard, but when my crowdfunded German version of Champions of Midgard arrived today, I realized I really enjoy putting stickers on wooden tokens/meeples.
As was my daughter, and I had to promise her we’ll finish the job together tomorrow.

Another package arrived, containing Unlock:Exotic Adventures.
@twispby, are these the new cases you are enjoying so much?


Interesting! I really dread stickering meeples. I think I’m afraid that I’ll mess it up and then have to remove and re-stick stickers which will then mean they have less stick left and, eventually, will slip or come off.

So, in a hobby that I enjoy for the ability to relax… stickering is just about the most anxiety-filled activity I can imagine.

Oh, good, my copy of Catacombs will be coming along soon :sweat_smile: (I presume, no updates on that Kickstarter in a while)


I understand this so much! Stickering all of the characters in Flick em Up! Dead of Winter was so stressful and tiresome. Thankfully my son was doing it with me, and forced me to be more relaxed about it (though inside some of those misaligned stickers still bother me).


Yessir! Night of the Boogeyman is one of my new favourites. You’ll have to let me know how you feel about them!


Got a used Through the Desert for 20 quid, which felt like a bargain (and sits next to my similarly boxed Ra and Samurai). Plus pre-ordered the Inis expansion (love that game, and the option of five players is always useful) alongside some stuff to do Memoir 44 Overlord.


Concerning stickering, for me it depends on the material and the level of detail.
I also didn’t enjoy doing it for Flick em Up: Death of Winter, because those meeples were made of plastic (which makes sliding the sticker to correct its position harder), and their shapes made it hard. But in contrast to punching out cardboard, which I just find tedious and am always afraid the upper layer of print may come off, it was still more satisfying to see the ‘deluxified’ result.
With CoM, the shapes are way easier, and I find it much more satisfying aesthetically to put semi-transparent stickers on.


Just bought Grimslingers and the Northern Territories expansion. Anyone played it? It’s got super mixed reviews on BGG. I like the idea of trying a campaign style game and the (relatively) small format made it appealing.


I picked up a copy of Bottom of the 9th and cannot wait to try it out!


I picked up Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare, which is Richard Borg’s latest. It’s for people who like his WW2 game Memoir 44 but at some point thought, “This would be cool if it was, y’know, IN SPACE.

It’s a bit of a monster. The minis in the game are pretty big, so the hexes on the map are much bigger than in M44, so the game takes up waaaay more space. To play this on my home table, I have to put the cards and other player aids on a separate table or on the physical board itself. The board is actually a table cloth, as a rigid board at this size wouldn’t work.

Otherwise the game is Command & Colours as usual: pick a card, give orders to a particular sector of units, roll different dice depending on unit strength and so on. There are some nice variances, like “Red Alerts” instead of retreating and some heavy ships having fighters escorting them which can add firepower (and also take hits meant for the big ship). Looking forward to my first proper play on Saturday.


Wow! That is pretty epic!!!


The table cloth as board idea is neat, it looks as if the size could make the game more expensive than M44, though.?

I just pre-ordered Getaway Driver from Fowers Games. I decided against it during the Kickstarter but have heard good first impressions so far and I think this might also appeal to my wife.


In a striking coincidence, I’m planning on stickering my copy tonight! :astonished:


I hope you have prepared yourself well, a pair of tweezers and a bottle of Scotch to steady your hands might be in order, from what I’ve heard . Good night and good luck!


So happy to see this is making good first impressions. I missed this KS completely and it’s the one I was most interested in among Fowers’ new and upcoming. I’m gonna need to make sure I snag a copy.


I hate stickers!!! I barely tolerated it when there were 10-15 pieces to sticker at most.

Anything more than that, and I think I’m out (I think I topped out at base-game Village with maybe 25?)


I had a chuckle at this.

My DIY cube Blood Bowl set involved designing, printing, and applying over 1,000 stickers.

My DIY chip Dominion set involved designing, printing, and applying (with less than 1 mm leeway) over 2,000 stickers.

I also dislike stickers, but I guess my tolerance is higher than most =P


Wish me luck!

What are you drinking?

Success! It took about an hour total.

Tweezers: Extremely required. I used two pairs at a time at several points (because I have big, dumb fingers)
Weezer: Not required but not contraindicated
Willingness to ignore bad die cuts: Required. The tires are by far the most problematic. There was one tire I had to completely cut myself due to the die not making it through the sticker layer at all. Most of the tires I was able to carefully tear off without too much of the tear showing.

I think I prefer the Police Enforcement Tokens without the stickers (I stickered them all, but showed half of them on the un-stickered side so I could make this point).


Yeah, just went and bought it. I actually love the stressful tedium of stickering so I’ll look forward to that!


I sold my copy of Arcadia Quest: Inferno with lots of KS extras to make space on the shelf and contribute some household money.
How well did that work out with the fourth new game on my way at the moment!?!
But Warsch’s Tavernen im tiefen Thal was available as a pre-order for what is essentially already a sales price, so I couldn’t resist…
Well, at least I only spent half of the KS money - shelf space has actually gone down, though…

Early reviews have been mixed to good, with the modules and artwork (in the vein of Quacks ') getting praise, and the amount of luck and how it can throw a wrench in your plans the main point of criticism.