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Last game you bought?


Yeh, looks like a lot of stuff is sold out now. Very glad I went on immediately after I got the email.


They’ve taken the site offline whilst they catch up with orders


You can get 7.5% discount on Chaos Cards with aprilfool code. Bought Targi with the code.

EDIT: Thanks, @bruitist :joy:


7.5% :wink:


They had 10% off everything last week…


Got reykholt from that 7.5 percent code.


I’m sure my partner wondered what was up with so many packages landing on our doorstep the day after her birthday. I felt bad that none of them were for her (don’t worry, we’re budgeting a new MacBook for her as her birthday present; I wouldn’t spend that sort of money without her awareness even if it was for her birthday)

Prior to the weekend, I received Welcome To… from my Kickstarter pledge. The pledge for the base game also included four dry-erase player sheets and I had opted to order another set of 4. So now I can play up to 8 players of Welcome To without having to dip into the provided pad. Down side: the box is so well-designed that, gasp, there’s no room for dry-erase markers. No trouble, I have two copies of Railroad Ink (Red and Blue) and/or a 12-player edition of Telestrations nearby to solve that problem, making it just a slight inconvenience.

Of the four packages arriving on Saturday, one of them had been in-transit for almost a month; I had purchased a copy of Lunar Rails from a BGG Market listing by a BGG user in Japan. It was posted from Japan on March 1st and didn’t arrive until March 30th. I’m happy to report that despite the protracted transit time, it arrived in fantastic condition and all things considered, it was a remarkable value even with the cost of shipping.

One of the packages was tiny, as it contained Getaway Driver and Paperback: Unabridged which I had ordered all the way back in July directly from Fowers Games’s site with the full knowledge that Paperback: Unabridged would not ship until Getaway Driver was released which was fine as it gave us plenty of time to finish exploring base Paperback.

British Rails was in the third package. This Empire Builder series crayon-rail game was the hardest title in the series to track down. After extensive Googling, I managed to find a game store in Delaware that had a copy listed on their online store; somebody get that company a SEO because, if they were SEO’d properly, they would have sold their copy a LONG time ago. This is a tough game to track down. Between this and Lunar Rails, my Empire Builder collection is complete (except for Agent of Change which is quasi-related but not really; also, I’m still trying to track down a copy of Empire Builder 4th or 5th edition which is brutally hard. A copy of 5th Edition NIS just sold on eBay for $105 + shipping)

And, finally, the last package was from a BGG Auction and it contained:

  • Lords of Vegas (NIS) - Been eyeing this ever since SUSD first mentioned it
  • The Prodigals Club (NIS) - Can’t wait to Voltron this onto Last Will (and I still need to track down Getting Sacked)
  • What’s He Building In There? - I’ve never seen this one get much press. It’s a worker placement game that has a really fun theme (evil masterminds, a la PC Game “Evil Genius” but without the cool Island base… expansion please?)
  • Skyward - I-Split-You-Choose is a game mechanic that I’m desperate to find a game that is representative of how great of a decision space this is. I’m not sure if this is the game… but the other gamenight regular in my group seems opposed to try New York Slice because he had played it once at our FLGS on Tabletop Day (and thinks they played incorrectly) but is not eager to try it again. Maybe this’ll be a ISYC palette cleanser, at the very least.


Prodigals Club is an expansion??? I thought it’s a completely different game


It’s a standalone game that can be grafted on to Last Will to form a larger, more complex game where you have to trash your reputation and lose all your money.


I’d say it’s more that it’s a standalone game that can have Last Will grafted on to it rather than the other way around.

I really love this game, though!


Interesting! I did read in the BGG forums that a lot of people were saying they preferred Prodigals to Last Will, so I’ll be interested to give it a go. Thanks for the clarification!


I love Last Will but Prodigals come off as more complex. So I don’t know if I’ll like it as much, that alone keeps me from buying it


So this is a sequel to fugitive?


It doesn’t appear to be. In all ways, it appears to be an homage to the classic high speed chase in heist films, a la The Italian Job.

I was reading through the rules last night and also watched the video that the rulebook suggests watching; it’s a 2-player asymmetric game and it looks like it could really be fun as long as it’s well-balanced (time will tell, I suppose)


Finally! The OGS order that contained my pre-order of Istanbul: Big Box finally arrived. I think I pre-ordered in December, so it’s been a long time coming.

In addition to Istanbul: Big Box (which was just a tactical play, as it was cheaper than buying both of the expansions and now I can sell my base game for a few bucks), I have also received:

  • For Sale: Travel Edition - Been looking for a copy of this highly regarded filler for a long time; saw the travel version on-sale and decided to pick it up. Seems fully functional as long as I can provide an alternative for the initial bidding coins (which are punch-out card-stock in this edition)
  • Empires - This piqued my interest as a “little-brother” to Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant. Their primary similarity is that they both have tragic titles (for completely opposite reasons). The secondary similarity is that they are both cube-pushing economic games with high player counts. That may be where the similarity ends. I wish there had been more in the news about this title because I’ve heard/read very little and, as a result, ended up taking a gamble with having no idea how well this game will suit me and my friends/family.
  • Carpe Diem - This had just released at the time I placed my order; since then, I’ve heard really dreadful things about the production quality and graphic design decisions that really made me question whether I should change my order to drop this title. Nevertheless, it arrived so now I can make up my own mind rather than listening to the vocal nitpickers on BGG/Reddit


The carpe diem production isn’t so bad that is overly ruining but annoying because it feels so avoidable.


I bought this a little while ago via kickstarter, but it arrived today!

Black Sonata
A Solo hidden moment and deduction game. Now, I just need wine!

(I actually picked it up unlike Railroad Ink :stuck_out_tongue: )


Birthday! There was shrink wrap. There’s a rulebook. There are tokens to punch.


My copy of Sidereal Confluence just arrived! Now I need to work out who in my group is up for playing this beast. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy cake-y day!

After recently buying a considerable number of used games, I’ve come to realize that punching cardboard, sorting and organizing and bagging components is something I highly enjoy. I think of it like a bonding experience with a new loved one.