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Last game you bought?


I find this very relatable. Currently I’m eyeing up some combination of Flamme Rouge, Root, Deep Sea Adventure, Decrypto and Ice Cool. If I can stay within a decent budget for the next month or so I’ll consider clicking the checkout button with whatever is left in there by then.


Agree. It’s a small addon. But it’s 10 quid so Im not that bummed out.


Yeah, I like the idea of the 5-card hand section but I’ve not yet seen it come up in play at an important place.


My FLOGS finally got Underwater Cities in stock, so I picked it up…along with Res Arcana.


Bought the expansion for Dice Hospital!


The funny thing is… I bought Peloton first! It was a gift for a friend, so I know it’s brilliant! Meteo looks cheap, so I’ll invest at some point. But! The base game has to hit the table before I buy any expansions (new rule for 2019)


Haven’t really tried Peloton, but threw in Meteo - we got three weather conditions first go and it did seem to make for quite a variable and interesting experience. Lots more tough choices.


Ahh, see, I was fairly lucky in that I played a friend’s copy of FR + FR:P before buying either. Between that experience and watching the SUSD playthrough solidified my decision to buy the base game and the expansion (though I bought them separately, waiting for sales on each). Meteo I bought as soon as it hit my favorite OGS due to me just wanting to support the game and, hopefully, help pave the way for additional expansions from the designer (I think the designer implied in a BGG post that he had like 8 different expansions already created or something insane like that)


Hurray it’s payday! Maybe I can buy something of the list…
First lets pay bills… Then put money aside of necessities like food… Then pay some more bills…


Well, there’s always the next paycheque.


I feel it’s critical to mention here that:


I finally cashed in some loyalty points to buy Quacks Herb Witches for a grand total of 6 pence.


Got an email from a shop saying they’re closing down their online store, so they were giving newsletter subscribers 50% off :smiley: Took the opportunity to grab Lowlands, Trapwords, Megaland, and the Once Upon a Time expansions.


Sold some games so got Metro as I’d played Cable Car, also Irish Gauge got preordered.


My KS copy of Welcome to… arrived yesterday! Looks fun!


Backed Age of Steam.
Purchased Mottainai, Codenames Duet, and Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon is really hitting the table a lot and may be my #1 new to me game of 2019 (so far).


Another store?? Which one this time?


Green Knight Games. I don’t think they’re closing completely. They’ve said that their web host is retiring their server and a newer server wouldn’t run the software for their site (because it’s also old). They’re not having a new site built. Instead just carrying on selling through Amazon.


Yeah, that code got shared on a facebook group. Having just benefitted from it by getting two Power Grid maps I can see why they’re not bothering to upgrade.

The site is clunky by today’s standards


Gloomhaven … again.

I have a second group keen to get started, and I got it for less than $160 DollaryDoos. Its not a problem, honest.


Nothing I really wanted was available sadly