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Last game you bought?


Picked up Hostage Negotiator in the Airecon bring and buy - with a couple of expansions. Gradually expanding my collection…


Pandemic: Contagion <3


Curiously, I picked up Wingspan partly because of the mediocre reviews. The main criticism being levelled at it was that it wasn’t a very innovative or far-reaching engine-building game. Since I love the idea of engine-building games but they tend to break my brain keeping track of how many bits and pieces I get/convert/move around. Something a bit simpler with more subtle variability in the cards sounds right up my street.


Bought Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails, played a few times before. This is the TTR for me. I like TTR series, but they are often not good enough for me to put in my (kinda) svelte collection, but this one does!


I’ve gone a bit OTT with purchases recently. Picked up Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Quacks, Cheating Moths and Cockroach Poker. Having to really hold myself back from Franchise, Concordia, Age of Steam Kickstarter and Spirit Island!

Still trying to gt Scythe to the table more often. Going to give Quacks a go tonight


I couldn’t talk myself out of getting Fog of Love any longer, as Walmart has it on clearance for $15. They also had a bundle deal, so I got Codenames, Codenames Duet, and That’s A Question (x2) for a total of about $30. I will likely flip Duet and at least one of the That’s A Questions, as well as my less pristine version of Codenames…that way it will basically pay for itself. Or I will just give Duet + one of the TAQ as gifts. I haven’t decided yet haha.


Bought Res Arcana as a blind punt. I like Race for the Galaxy and Seasons, so having a fantasy-themed Race sounds like my alley.

Orleans: Trade & Intrigue because I was very impressed with the additions it did to base Orleans.

Bohnanza - slight disappointment with Sidereal Confluence, I continue the search of the best trading/negotiating game.


Second hand copy of Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon Inn arrived today. I’m hoping my regular group will take to the more freefrom structure of a story telling game. I recently bought Lord of the Rings Journey to Mordor and that’s quickly become my go to ‘end of evening’ game.


Just bought a copy of The Golden Ages. Intrigued by what seems to be a civ-light experience that plays in 90mins. We shall seeeeeeee


Cant resist games on sale…grabbed Dungeon Lords. I’ve played Dungeon Petz, eventually sold it because it was just a pig to teach people.


Dungeon Lords is much harder to teach, but a better game. I kept Petz too, because it seemed people picked it up so easily!


I only played The Golden Ages once, but I wasn’t that impressed.

Maybe another play would do it. Or maybe it’s just not my thing.

Hope you enjoy it!


@whovian223 Yeah I bounced off Through the Ages, so maybe this too. Maybe it’s games with “ages”?


In what will certainly fill a chapter of the fiasco Epic that will be my biography, I have continued my mild obsession with the Empire Builder crayon-rail series of games. This time, it was Eurorails: 4th Edition that arrived today from a GeekMarket purchase. What’s still in the mail? Lunar Rails of course, on it’s way via Registered Mail from Japan because the GeekMarket listing for that one with shipping was actually reasonable unlike all of the other options I’ve seen around.

After the last few weeks, after deciding to take the plunge and try to acquire some of the higher priority targets on my wishlist, I think my mad scramble of game purchases is nearly over. There are a few elusive titles that I still stalk on the BGG Auctions but, since I’m unwilling to pay excessive prices (read: retail prices), those few titles may remain at large for some time. Of the twelve bids I have on Geek Auctions at the moment, I suspect I’ll only hold onto two or three of them by the end of those auctions. Some of the people on BGG are crazy… On more than one occasion, I’ve seen somebody pay more than retail for a used copy of a game that they could order from CSI or MM and, potentially, get free shipping.


Its never over


AireCon was fantastic. And though I managed to free up a lot of shelf space via the bring’n’buy, I more or less filled it all back up again with the following purchases:

Wingspan - I bought the second-to-last copy in the whole convention. At 10:18, only 18 minutes after it had opened. Still, clearly at least one person didn’t care for it that much - there was a copy of it in the Bring’n’Buy by the Sunday afternoon (at £2 over the price it was going for on Saturday morning). Not sure if it sold.

Hyperborea - since seeing BGG Gamenight’s playthrough of this game, I’ve been seriously coveting this one. Looks like a fantasy-setting mix of Eclipse and Orleans. I love both of those games and I’m seriously excited by this one.

Freedom: The Underground Railroad - a little pricey, this one, but one I’ve been very keen on owning since I watched Paul’s thoughtful review of it (when I first encountered the site, so probably about 2 years after it came out).

Rallyman - seen people wax lyrical here about this game, so when I spotted it for sale, I was curious enough to give it a go. Ran through a couple of solo stages and didn’t really “get it” at first. Mind you, that’s probably because I didn’t have other competitors to compare my times to. Definitely looking forward to giving it a go with actual real people.

MetroX - always forget how much I love roll’n’writes.

Oink Games had a stand at the convention, from which I picked up Deep Sea Adventure, A Fake Artist Goes to New York and the fairly new title Troika. I think Deep Sea might end up staying in shrink and becoming a birthday present eventually because I know plenty of people who already own it.

Brew Crafters - because I’ve been coveting it ever since I heard there was a half-decent worker placement game about brewing beer.

Rialto because Stefan Feld.

1066: Tears to Many Mothers - I met the designer of this one in the hotel at Airecon 2 years ago and I’ve always been curious about his games. I think on the face of it they’re not the usual sort of thing I’d go for but I was intrigued by this one as a highly historically grounded card skirmish/war game. I think I’ll get a lot of enjoyment and value just looking through this one, even if I never play it.

Snow Tails - been thinking about this one a lot too since… oh god I can’t remember how this entered my consciousness.

And that’s all I can remember for now.


While at Breakout Con I finally knocked Roll Player off my wishlist. Also grabbed Cockroach Poker.

My son picked up Tiny Epic Galaxies to add to his growing collection.

I do regret missing out on Catacombs Conquest for a great price, but the booth was closed when we went finally decided to grab it :slightly_frowning_face:.


@michaelg - there’s a monthly Rallyman championship on BGG which you may find interesting. (Disclaimer: I’m currently helping to run it.) https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2159799/isgoytra-cup-march-2019

I sold Dead of Winter and Munchkin Panic at Airecon, and bought Hostage Negotiator - which turned out to include two expansions and sleeved cards.


That was mine! Enjoy! I’d stopped playing it. I’m glad it’s gone to a good home!


I bought a semi-used copy of Seal Team Flix as an Amazon warehouse deal. It’s missing the two sheets with the actual walls, which makes it pretty much unplayable. Now I’m waiting to find out if WizKids will mail me the missing pieces or if I should just return it to Amazon, which is a real PITA. That’s what I get for trying to save a few bucks. Also purchased: The basic set for Arkham Horror the LCG, which I bought once before and returned, thinking I’d never have time to actually play it. I don’t know why I decided to pick it up again, except the price was right and I have joined a new gaming group, which may lead to more actual playing of games, as opposed to just buying of games…