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Last game you bought?


Its not too bad when you play, it all comes together. Its a great game that you never seem to hear much about.


I grabbed Wyverns of Wylemuir this morning for Catacombs. Figured with a big game lined up Saturday, it couldn’t hurt to add it in now, though I have doubts that any of it will end up hitting the table quite yet. With this and Soloth, things are now just barely fitting into the original box (which is just delicious and heavy and packed in tight, mmmmm num num num), but I’m going to have to buy the new set when it hits the Elzra store.

Man, do I wish I hadn’t missed that last Kickstarter because this game is getting pricey and I’m deeply hooked.


The pledge manager hasn’t even been posted yet and I think, supply permitting, there’s going to be an option for a late pledge (hopefully soon)


Wingspan - havent seen a bad review for it, just coming into stock now


I’ve only really seen mediocre, personally…

My Victorian Masterminds has just arrived. Looks gorgeous. Though I suspect the game is merely okay.


For Wingspan? Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough (which I haven’t…)

Funny you should mention Victorian Masterminds, I grabbed that as well


I bought El Grande in a thrift shop for about 2.3 pounds. So glad I found it. Also, the game was in extremely good shape.


I’ll buy it off you for £10. I refuse to buy it as it’s really expensive and not worth having the expansions for


Bought a used copy of Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom! GET IN!

Now it is complete.

Also bought 1775: Rebellion to start with Academy Games’ 2v2 team games.


I tried to resist (ok, not that much). got Carpe Diem. I was a bit put off by reports of some tiles being hard to distinguish.


It’s really good! The titles are tricky to distinguish in isolation but okay otherwise? If you pick one up it’s hard to say if it was a or b but with two next to each other it’s clear which is a and b.

I really like the game there’s so much unctuous trickyiness.


Really fancy El Dorado from the latest review - but it’s either out of stock or way over price in the UK. Guess it can wait!


SWMBO is working the local game convention this weekend and picked this up for me at the flea market they organized. I love the original Panzer General video game, so it will be interesting to see how this plays. Meh, even if it stinks, it only cost her $5! (Funny to see “UBISOFT” on a board game.)


I bought Dinosaur Island on Friday. I thought I could get it to the table, but I never even took it out of my trunk. Hopefully this week.


I like this one a lot. It takes up a lot of room on the table though, so just be prepared!


I just got Deep Sea Adventures (a Oink Game title, who do all their games in tiny boxes), where you have to dive to the bottom of the ocean in a quick push your luck game, as you try and collect as much treasure as possible without drowning. One small twist though, is that you share your oxygen tank with everyone else playing. This makes for a (slightly dark but) silly game, as you all repeatedly die under the sea as you go chasing for the treasures piles that your previous dead divers left behind.


I played this at my last games night and LOVED it. Even though I drowned repeatedly.


Deep Sea Adventures is cool fun (especially when everyone drowns)


And especially when you (only you) survive!


That’s my aim every time I go scuba diving!