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Last game you bought?


Bought the Quacks: Herb Witches expansion and Kingdomino expansion on top.


Which UK retailers have Herb Witches in stock please?? I’m struggling to find a copy. Thanks

Will have to pop by my FLGS if I have time today


I don’t know about others, but I got an email from Games Lore earlier saying they have it.


I ordered from Thirsty Meeples in Oxford. (They’re a fine shop).


They also seem to have stock of Victorian Masterminds as of Monday. Had that on pre-order elsewhere for some time. Probably underwhelming, but I love a bit of Bauza, can tolerate some Lang, plus nice models and a cool theme.


Bought mine at Meeples Corner.


All the ones mentioned above had it last night when I bought it from Meeples Corner


I guess I’ll have to wait a while for the Quacks expansion. One supplier doesnt ship to Straya, the other was too expensive.

I do like Quacks, so keen to hear how the expansion changes things.


This arrived today:


And these arrived today:


Is that an expansion? Or is it stand alone?


It’s a “micro expansion” that replaces the Kickstarter exclusive Mk. 1 Sellsword NPC bounty hunter ship (I don’t back things on Kickstarter, so I never had the Mk.1 anyway). This replaces the previous version, or can be used as a player ship if one so desires. The coins are the new 2,000 $pace Credit denomination. There is a second full expansion (XIA: Missions and Powers) which was in this order, but for some reason it’s scheduled for delivery on the 12th.


Ah okay, I don’t know a lot about this one.



Had a copy of Rebel Nox show up the other day. Admittedly, I don’t know a ton about it…but I thought one of the guys I was deliberating with on BGG wanted this game included (he thought I had it) in a package to get me Lowlands. When I saw the game for $10, I jumped on it, only to find out that this was for a different trade conversation :frowning:

So I don’t know much about it, but hell…for $10, I will give it a shot. At least it is Kwanchai Moriya art, so it will look nice if nothing else!


Illusion, looks like fun


And now Argent: The Consortium


Been watching the price for Whitehall Mystery for a few months, and it’s got cheap again thanks to 365games’ “10% off everything” so I bought it:


Found a single solitary copy of Men At Work in stock, so I have plonked down my money. Let’s hope it’s not a ‘oh actually it’s back ordered’ bait and switch.


Just realised they were out last night, so I’ve ordered Adrenaline: Team Play DLC and Celestia: A Little Initiative.


I may have lost the plot a bit lately when it comes to game purchases. I think there’s certainly some retail therapy in play. My wife will be leaving her position as an elementary school teacher after this school year, so we’ll be down to a single income as of June-ish. The company I work for is about to be bought/merged and I’m not entirely certain that I’ll have a job in a few months. And, in addition to both of those things, we are expecting our second child this coming July (our daughter is 15 months old).

So, in general, I don’t buy things for myself the last 3 months or so of the year so that I don’t accidentally buy something that somebody buys me for Christmas. My wife truly spoiled me this past Christmas and bought me lots of games and I honestly cannot complain. However, as I was looking over my wishlist, I realized it had consistently been growing since I first started to take note of this modern boardgaming thing that we are all here to talk about. I decided that, if in the future money is going to be tight, I should indulge a bit on some boardgames that my wife is unlikely to find on the shelf of our FLGS (where she does all of her boardgame shopping for me) or, if she can find it there, titles that are just too expensive to buy new.

Enter: BGG Auctions.

Recently, I’ve purchased the following titles from BGG Auctions:

  • Coup - I’ve heard from varying sources that this game is “Really, really good” but also “Almost a game! Why, if they had tried even a little bit, this could have been great”… we’ll see how it goes
  • Flick 'em Up! - after the success of Men At Work and ICECOOL, I figured this may be a good next step. I also have Catacombs arriving in the next couple of months (recent playmat KS pledge), so we’ll see if it stays in my collection.
  • Lancaster - I’ve been interested in this one ever since Quinns covered it years ago; found it on a good price and then recoiled a bit in terror after I opened the box and saw all those bits. It’ll hit the table, but probably not before baby #2 and the ensuing 4 or 5 months of doing whatever it takes to survive.
  • King of Tokyo - I’m not expecting to like this all that much, but I think my wife will and I know my nephew will.
  • Resistance: Avalon - hidden role games are probably never going to be a huge hit with my group, but I figured this one might stand a chance
  • Shards of Infinity - heard the So Very Wrong About Games guys talking this one up and had to check it out
  • Warhammer: Underworld - Shadespire - I don’t really have any skirmish games… this one looks tidy and potentially just my style

BGG Auction things still in the mail:

  • Lunar Rails - I’ve already written in other places on this forum about my recent obsession with the Empire Builder series of crayon-rail games… this is was actually a BGG GeekMarket listing, not an auction
  • Brass: Lancashire - I had picked up B: B as a late KS pledge and was floored with the production quality. I figured that I would, however, wait to grab a retail copy of B: L since it came in such a nice, slim box and I didn’t need the extra fanciness. But, l bought a Deluxe copy anyway (and probably paid a bit too much); my actual plan is to keep whichever I prefer and sell the other one… but who knows, I may end up liking them both too much to part with either