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Last game you bought?


I was abroad for 10 days. Damn. I have a bad timing! :joy:


Yeah I never like preordering so looked around a few days before release… Everywhere was sold out. A few stores had limited stock for RRP, but that’s £39 for an expansion!! Think I can wait until all the usual contenders get stock again.


Quacks of Quedlinburg Ordered today, will probably arrive on Friday or so, just in time for the weekend. Hopefully.


Exceed: Street Fighter. Can’t wait to play it. HADOKEN


Last week: Happy Pigs and The Networks.

Happy Pigs was a strange one - I popped into a “Models and Games” shop that was about 99% about the models (Airfix and Hornby) and literally only 6 board games for sale. All of which were cool games, but very obscure ones.


I picked up the Caverna expansion, The Forgotten Folk, yesterday and was happily punching the cardboard out when board game savant and others turned up for irregular games night. I left half of it unpunched. Unpunched! We played Teotihuacan until past midnight and as I need to get up for work at 6, I made the agonising decision to go to bed. This morning, with all the will in the world, I let myself get the later bus so I could finish the job and stop the pain, but the small dictators in my house were playing up. After handling their latest misdemeanours, I couldn’t finish the job and now I sit at work with my brain tugging at me to finish the job. It’s maddening.


I’d agree with Broom Service as Marmite. I was excited for it, but then I found the play so random and impossible to predict. Plus lots of mad stuff thrown in around the edges.


I like the randomness of it. I love when a brave witch was one-upped by another brave witch and have a laugh at it. But I feel like that mechanic doesn’t work for me in the game as a whole.


I can see how the craziness will work for some people. It’s purely a taste thing - it’s also something that didn’t quite fit for me in Colt Express. I generally like strategy stuff, and I don’t think I go for games that break the strategy. But others may go for the comedy of that.


Broom Service just arrived and it’s missing the black player pawns. I can use some other spare game bits, but it won’t be the same :frowning:


Was it via Amazon and new? They’re usually quite good at returns.


Yes and yes. I’ve contacted Ravensburger, so hopefully I should be able to get replacements. I’d much rather that than the whole hassle of a return because of a couple of pieces.


That’s the way to do it. I just got replacement parts for Root that came quickly and without any (added) hassle. Hardly the same scale of company, but I’ve dealt with AEG in the past and again it was friendly, hassle-free, and fast. And free.


I just got a copy of Godforsaken Scavengers. I have seen mixed reviews, but I am intrigued by it. The one guy on BGG who was selling it in the US was located about an hour from me. I offered to meet him halfway to negate shipping charges, but he wasn’t interested in that :frowning: oh well.


I fter a long internal debate/struggle, I decided to fight the FOMO and not jump on the late pledge for Black Rose Wars. After rewatching some of the play through videos, I had a few concerns that it might not be the game I want.

The real deal breaker though, was that I dislike the idea of being forced to buy an expansion I don’t want; there was no base pledge option, only the base plus KS exclusive expansion.

Oh well, it meant I could justify pre-ordering Dice Throne Season 2 from Roxleys site. I did the math and it wasn’t much more than buying all 4 combo packs at retail, but comes with some premium bits and the gorgeous storage box. Now I just have to wait until May (or more likely June/July).


It’s great fun when you pull off string of brave moves. However (and why I sold it) the ‘someone picked the same role and gets the turn instead’ of you is really frustrating. Glass Road is similar but much less punishing


I bought the Nusfjord plaice deck for a friend but he’s already got one (it’s very nice). Anybody want it? Free to the first person who messages me an appropriate fish pun. UK only, though (sorry to non-UK folk).


I would sardinely love to have this! If youre okay with it, I’ll PM you the address to my plaice.


Sure. Thanks for letting minnow! Drop me your address and i’ll pop it in the post today or tomorrow.


In what seems like a huge surprise to UK retailers Schmidt Spiele sent out copies of Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches in English this week.


Saw Brass: Lancashire for a decent price too so purchased, will see is it’s a Kickstarter one