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Last game you bought?


I have been discovering that my local comic shop gets in on quite a few KS board games. I’m assuming this one was never picked up by the intended recipient, as it was the only one on the shelf and it’s not exactly a hot item as compared to others (Gloomhaven, Root, etc.). Honestly, I never expected to see this one in person, so I had to jump on it. Had absolutely no plans to buy a game yesterday. Whoops!

Now if only the elusive Lowlands would show itself…


It’s insane that the cargo pieces are all individually ziplocked right?


Yes and no. Resin can be very brittle, so I can kind of understand why they did it. All those greasy little baggies went straight into the trash though (30 fiddling minutes later).


I was picking up some CDs on Amazon and noticed Broom Service was only £25, so I decided to throw that in.


I bite the bullet and bought Nemesis.
my FLGS had the Kickstarter box, and the guy at the counter is a friend of a friend, so instead of getting just the normal box, he went out back and got me the one with extra goodies.

The cost still pains me, but I needed some retail therapy.


I’d warn you that Broom Service is more of a licorice/marmite game than any other I’ve seen. Myself and a handful of others I know absolutely love it, but nearly exactly just as many people who have played it cannot stand it in the least. Interestingly, it appears that, in my admittedly small sample pool, spouses/significant others seem to be divided on it. I love it and my partner really does not. My game group regular host really enjoys it and his partner surely does not. My coworker loves it and his partner doesn’t (even though she won the only time she played).


Very niche game here, I found a Gackt (favorite singer, Japanese) platinum box 15 super cheap. They come with a DVD and a gift of sorts. This one came with a game of Sugoroku a Japanese game often played on new years day. There are a bunch of theme versions.
From what I can surmise (I am not fluent in Japanese) you roll the die, and where you land is a bit of Gackt triva (day that a single was released) a task, like sing 1st chorus of Vanilla, and a penalty should ya fail.

I am super lucky that my husband works for a Japanese company, and has a coworker who is going help with translations. My goal is to be able to play on either Gackts birthday or more likely mine. I am planning on typing out what the requests are, like the lyrics in romamji, and possibly making a friendlier penalty.


Sounds to me like you should get started learning Japanese! It’ll only take you 2200 hours* according to the Foreign Service Institute =P

I’m about 16 years in and still learning.


I actually have a Japanese minor, tho mostly from lit and drama, film and made it through JPN 201. But the collage I transferred to used a totally different teaching style. I forget the names of the JPN styles but think learning
“chan”, reading the hiragana spelling of it. Then going relearn it as “tyan”. I think the text book used was from the 80s, but the head of the department loved it. And i couldn’t justify retaking 101 to learn the new style since it wasn’t for my major.
I know enough that friends would hand me a snack and say “what’s this mean”
And I’m reading it, its a pack of chocolate cookies, big stretch it says “chocolate cookies” in Japanese.
This has happened a lot. I kinda wish i started making stuff up. “It says a luck dragon will bring you 3 tea cups of joy”


Not wanting to go off-topic for too long, or MinuteWalt will come along and slap my wrist again, but I think the only real use for romaji is to be able to type at speed. The sooner you get past thinking in terms of the alphabet, the better. I guess that’s a lot to ask of students taking a minor though.

(I just tried typing ちゃん and it turns out that tyan works as well as chan. Who knew? To me, both read exactly the same, phonetically, but chi is clearly a better phonetic approximation of ち than ti is, so tyan seems anachronistic.)


Nemesis. Now with pictures!

The production quality is really nice on this game, not just the great minis, but the art work, the cards, the plastic tokens.
My only real complaint is the dark/black cards that need to be sleeved to stop scuffing the edges.
but then I did sleeve Gloomhaven and Terraforming Mars too, so not a major complaint.

And for those of you interested, its a really solid game. played it a couple of times now and its got good variety. and the Kickstarter bits box is mostly about a second game they are workign on, but its got a co-op campaign in it for Nemesis. 66 pages of Comic and Rules for each session and 10 pages of art from the game.


As if one Rosenberg expansion wasn’t enough (I’m looking at you, The Norwegians), his Caverna one is out today. And my wallet is lighter…


I’m really hoping the full-coop makes its way to retail. I see the appeal of semi-coop/hidden traitor, but its not something thatbwill really worknfor my “group”. Especially since we usally play at 2.

That said, it makes a lot of sense in this game thematically.


Azul - The Stained Glass of Sintra

I played the original Azul and enjoyed it but this version adds just enough more to make it more satisfying to play.


Wait? The Norwegians expansion is out??


Yep, last week. I’ve already solo’d it and almost didn’t fil up my homeboard due to my predilection for early exploration.


It’s out in the “massively over-allocated first printing, so wait for the second printing to come through in a month or two” sense.

It’s always fun when the first print is sold out to pre orders, effectively becoming a preorder early release, so the true ‘release date’ (i.e. when you can expect to see it on a store shelf) becomes some mystical unknown with no official date! It’ll just pop up in stores sometime I guess?


Space kitty!

Sorry, couldn’t resist, but that is an adorable bonus content box lid.


If I recall correctly, they had a stretch goal of giant alien kitties because of backer requests. They look horrific!

Deep Madness did a similar thing on the reprint; original backers got a cat of the wrong color (heroes and monsters are different colours) so they were shipped a correct “hero coloured” one. Due to that, there is a now an “Evil Jon” monster, that is a cat!


(Sorry Walt,one more sec) I agree, that’s how I learned in my first year. The second year at a different school taught them in seperate classes, with the different romanji style book for one.
Back on topic look it plays 5. Each player token is a shiny coin with a letter (G A C K T)