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Last game you bought?


It’s not too bad to work out all the bits and pieces once you get a system to manage it all that works best for you. I’ve only played 4 random dungeons solo to get a feel for the rules. I’m learning a lot that way before my wife joins in to learn and do the campaign.


Always love finding a hobby game in a charity shop. The quite rare Bruges for 20 quid in Oxfam bookshop Greenwich is mine now…


Bought Mesozooic, a light card drafting game about dinosaurs


Recently, after a single play of Nippon Rails, I’ve become rather infatuated with Crayon Rail games from the Empire Builder series. So, adding to Nippon Rails and Iron Dragon, I swung by my FLGS and picked up China Rails and Australian Rails. And, tomorrow I’m expecting a package that will contain India Rails and Russian Rails.

Couple that with an order I have awaiting a pre-order before it will be shipped that will also contain Martian Rails and Empire Express, that means from the Empire Builder series, I’ll only be missing Empire Builder itself, Euro Rails, British Rails, and Lunar Rails… Sometimes I worry that my completionist tendencies are problematic… but… with the demise of Mayfair Games and the apparent lack of interest by Asmodee in continuing the Empire Builder series… I figure it’s either now, never, or paying collector-esque prices. Honestly, I hope I’m proven to be a mad fool in all of it and that any minute Asmodee will announce new, beautiful editions of the entire line of games.


I actually picked up the Flick em Up plastic version pretty cheap and I really like it!


My FLGS got a load of Mayfair restocks… clearing stock, maybe? What happened with Mayfair, do you know?


They sold everything to Asmodee and closed their doors. So Asmodee took all of their inventory. Some of the products are being divvied out to other Asmodee brands; Lookout Games seems lately in-tact. There are some Empire Builder games that still show up on Asmodee’s active products catalog, but it seems to be as soon as they sell out they just disappear.


Found some stuff on a flea market:

Dungeons and Dragons + Eternal Winter + Forbidden Forest and World of Warcraft (huuuuuuuuge box).
Unfortunately, D&D base game is missing a dice and some tokens.
Eternal Winter is only missing one token, however it comes with a second set of miniatures and cards to make up for that and Forbidden Forest ist complete and in pretty good condition.
I don’t wanna talk about WoW, the box looks aweful and it’s missing the hero minitiarues :frowning:

Still, for 40€ it’s a good haul :slight_smile:


I bought The Norwegians expansion for A Feast for Odin. I may even solo it tonight. It’s rather an epic expansion, it has enough condiments to easily be another game. It has me intrigued.


A while back, we found the 2-player Avalon Hill game Conquistador still sealed for $3 in a thrift store. Once Dawn gets her cybersecurity certification (lots of homework) we’re going to bring it out.


Well, I dithered over buying the Horrific Journeys expansion for Mansions of Madness only to find it out of stock nearly everywhere. Found a game store in Colchester, of all places, that had one in stock. So, that’s winging its way to me now!


The Time of Crisis expansion is finally shipping (not sure what the delay was), but my next game purchase will probably be the new Smash Up expansion, International Incident (it has Canadians in it! Or Mounties, at least)


Not really a purchase but… The Pathfinder bundle on humble bundle seems incredibly good value for money.

And at bundle of holding you can get oodles of stuff in their birthday bundle. (Lady blackbird for $2)


Couldnt resist: The Godfather


Preordered Claim. I have looked at this one for a while, but the prices were always exorbitant (for what it is) in the US since it wasn’t in print here. Now it is going to hit distribution in the US, so I went ahead and preordered it. It is supposed to be here sometime in March :slight_smile:


I found Container, which I’ve never managed to see in stores before, at a really good discounted price. Now I have Container. The resin ships and cargo are RIDICULOUS.


Last game I acquired was an Xmas present. Scythe, 2 plays in and very much learning the mechanics


You, sir, have earned yourself an enemy today! I’m so envious, my eyes have turned brown (they were brown before, as well, they temporarily turned a different color so that they could turn brown again… I think, I wasn’t really paying attention)


I’ve just sold Eldritch Horror… should I buy Arkwright?


Today I ordered the Dunwich Legacy cycle mythos packs and also tripped over and found I had purchased a copy of the Chronicles of Crime, as my husband is away for the next few weeks so I wanted something to while away the time as a solo player.