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Last game you bought?


Stephensons Rocket, and Crusaders: Thy Will be Done


Found a sale, and of course that had games that I didnt even realise that I wanted

Bought Study in Emerald, and Nosfjord


Was thinking of starting a ‘best boardgame bargain thread’ as via Ebay, I got Cyclades and Cyclades Titans for 54 quid. Titans was missing two ships (which shouldn’t be too hard to replace), but as an act of gratitude, the buyer added in another game he’d not been able to sell called Xenoshift Dreadmyre. So that was pretty cool!


I own Reykholt!

I had a giddy throwback to childhood excitement. I am very much looking forward to it, and just hope it doesn’t disappoint.


Nice! I like it, but I advise toning down the expectations :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I mean, it’s not the next Feast for Odin, but more on Nusfjord’s level.


Other than the Going going, gone I just purchased two minutes ago for $5.25 yesterday I ordered Arkham Horror: TCG I am not sold I will love this, but I think my girlfriend will and when people started a thread specifically for campaigns in this game I was ready to give it a try.

I am excited to try this one.


Not bought, but for Valentine’s Day my wife gave me Pandemic: Rising Tide, which she has apparently been holding onto since November.


My Apollo Program nerdiness is well-known, so of course I ordered this:


Reading about the new A Feast for Odin expansion is really making me excited!! Seems like it’s turning into A Feast for Odin v2.0 with the amendments, so I guess we’re now onto Agricola v4.0 now?

After playing my friends’ copy of Caverna everyone wants to play aFfO! Completely unexpected turnaround from a group who would only play games with some sort of take that or heavy interaction!


Crusaders: Thy Will be Done is an awesome game, at least in my 2 plays. It could get a bit samey after a while, I suppose. We’ll see.

I haven’t bought anything directly since a big box of stuff came last December. Most of my “new” stuff has been Kickstarter.

However, the “Age of Iron & Rust” expansion for the wonderful Time of Crisis is going to be shipping early next week and I can’t wait for it.


I just picked up a copy of oink’s money bags and red seven. Ummed and ah’d about altiplano (I like Orleans) and Teotihuacan (looks busy with the fizzy and need more of a sense of its ease).


UK Maths trade resulted in £7 and Port Royal leaving and Carcassonne: South Seas and Sail to India coming into my collection.

Bohnanza didn’t get traded though, so if anyone in the UK is interested we can work out a deal


Hansa Teutonica, City of Spies: Estoril 1942, Teotihuacan, Captain Sonar, Sushi Go Party and Helionox Deluxe all purchased recently. There goes my no purchases in style. Next purchase might have to be a new kallax…


Bought Coimbra and Paper Tales, taking advantage of my last days with Amazon Prime

And today I went to my game shop, and got Dungeon Raiders, the new edition (2018) by Phil Walker-Harding.

And after hearing about it on a poscast, grabbed a roll and write called Qwingo


Arriving just in time for my game night on Tuesday, I received a box containing several orders I had placed over the course of a couple of weeks, all pending the release of Men At Work in order to be shipped. Included in the shipment were:

  • Men At Work
  • Flamme Rouge: Peloton
  • Root
  • Root: The Riverfolk expansion
  • Gaslands

In addition, I had also received The Estates as an add-on to a Late Pledge of Pipeline last weekend.

I had already played a friend’s copy of Peloton, so it was just a matter of adding that to my personal collection (read: horde). I have no idea whether Root or Gaslands will be successful with my play group, but I figure they both deserve to at least have the chance to prove themselves.

Men At Work represents one of the first dexterity games I have added to my collection. Though I am currently awaiting fulfillment of Catacombs 3E (Playmat edition) Kickstarter. I’m also working on tracking down a reasonably priced wooden copy of Flick 'Em Up! because I think it’ll be a fun lark but it doesn’t seem worth the going rate new (and picking up the plastic edition seems foolish?)

Your Last Played Game

My latest birthday acquisition. I’ve had a fun weekend.


I keep seeing Gloomhaven on amazon for around $160 dollarydoos (AUD) and thats amazing, I’m alomst tempted to grab a second copy for another group. Almost.


Picked up Mesozooic at our local comic shop as it was on sale for 50% off. I played a demo of it at SHUX last year and it seems like a good quick filler for up to six players. For $10, I figure it is worth a shot.


Just got these three in the US math trade for this month:

Secret Hitler - helps with my party games inventory
Piepmatz - one to play with the wife
Art of War - I don’t really know what to expect with this one, but I saw it, and it looked intriguing and beautiful, so why not give it a shot?


Have you played it yet? Seems a bit mad seeing all the components out like that!