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Last game you bought?


Bought Wingspan. Well, prebought, had to order it, will be here next month.

And am awaiting the delivery of the new Arkham LCG campaign tomorrow.


Ah, well, you know how things go… games older than 12 minutes are crap, absolute crap


Not purchased today, but this was awaiting my arrival after work!

I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile (I actually had multiple reminders for the KS launch as I wasn’t sure how the “limited run” was going to pan out; turned out that was pointless but oh well). Now I just need to prep everything, and read the rules. It could hit the table this weekend, but I expect it will actually be a couple of weeks.

Also, I love the full art lid! One of the benefits of not worrying about retail exposure.



Clear acrylic Kallax™ insert to display your minis!


Addendum: I thought my copy of Revolution! was a recent reprint (a la Triplanetary), but I checked last night and it’s a 1st ed. from 2009. That was a mild surprise because I’d not even heard of it before I saw it on the shelf. I am very much looking forward to trying it out.


Just Preordered a copy of Men at Work.


I got Fox in the Forest in a no-brainer trade for me. I got it to play with my wife, so I hope she cuts me some slack haha.


Kodama Duo and Hive just arrived. I’m excited to try them both. I played the original Kodama with family before and enjoyed it a lot, so I’m mostly getting Duo to use as a 6-player expansion. I’m looking forward to playing some Hive as well, seems like a solid head-to-head game.


Mysterium arrived yesterday so I am trying to get a group together for that.
Is that a game which can be played in a Pub like in a booth? Or does it need to be at home?


It’s arrived! I’ve now reached the level of nerddom to own two editions of the same game.

The first edition is pretty much mint! Cards all in order and appear to be untouched. Rulebook crisp as the day it was printed. Barely any box wear at all (the slightest of slight ceases at the back edge but that’s just due to the use of quite thin cardboard). Very happy.


Mysterium is definitely playable in a pub. You need a bit of table space to lay out the cards; if it gets tight, treat the GM’s screen as a folder and keep it in hand.


Thanks so much. I passed it on to my partner and she is now open to playing in a pub.


Picked up the Blood on the Altar Mythos pack as I slowly work on finishing the Dunwich cycle. Who knows maybe I’ll have time to actually play it in the next decade.


I managed to trade a bunch of dust-collecting card games (Gloom, Fluxx, Epic, etc.) and my unused D&D beginner set I bought a few years back, naively thinking I could get a session going.

In trade, I got a game I had been wanting since I first saw the 2nd edition: Catacombs (3rd edition). Finally a game friends will play that will let me formally DM! I’m a big fan of Crokinole, so I’m going to be looking for opportunities to bring this one out as often as I can!


Well color me envious… I went all in on the recent Catacombs playmat Kickstarter… So I have to wait until fulfillment on that before I can give it a go… Sure hope my wife and I like it as much as I think we will


Curses. If only I was endowed with prescience. I’d have backed that for sure. Just checked the old campaign and the mats look great!


Quacks of Quedlinburg, saw there was some in stock on Zatu and promptly clicked the add to basket button. Needless to say it had gone out of stock by the next day.


Now you just need AuZtralia to complete the set of “Martin Wallace games based on A Study in Emerald”.

Is there much difference between the first and second editions? I’ve always been a little disappointed in the first edition, in that assassinating old ones isn’t really very helpful to winning. It’s easier to just take cities.


Yeah… AuZtralia doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe I’ll play it sometime and love it? I dunno.

I haven’t played the first edition yet (I take games out in a backpack and I don’t want to ruin it, so it’s staying in the house!). Second edition is majorly streamlined with the exceptions and weird rules all shaved off. But reading the first edition, the exceptions make logical sense and it’s simpler in a lot of ways.

In the second edition, the elder ones are actually cards in the deck. There seem to be fewer ways to play around with the team loyalties, so I find the secret identity is pretty useless (as soon as anyone does anything, it shows their loyalty). There’s no double agents, and all agents are generic nonamed agents (so there’s not that thing of chasing specific agents down). Transport is completely arbitrary (they’re just spaces to move between so no cost to travel by distance).

I’m planning on playing the two with the same group of friends to see how it all works out and which one we prefer. Just seen someone sell the first edition in my local Facebook group for £20 more than I bought it for, so can always sell it on if it’s a train wreck.


Alright. I did a haul here… uh oh. Trambahn, The Quest for El Dorado: Heroes and Hexes expansion, Keyflower: Merchants, Dice Hospital. At least 2 of them are expansions on games I love :sweat_smile: