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Last game you bought?


Sounds like you need a nice velvet lined travel dice tray. Stay stealthy and expose yourself as the geek you are at the same time!


Um, the photo shows different, I think you missed by about half a metre :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good call, I’ll look into that!

Bit sassy :stuck_out_tongue:




I moseyed into my local game store to waste some time the other day, and the owner informed me that I have a credit on my frequent buyer’s club account, so I picked up Revolution! by Steve Jackson for less than $30. I worked in the auction world for many, many years, so blind bidding games have a special place in the cobweb-lined corner of my war game-obsessed brain.


It was one of my early “modern” games (I was and still am a Man in Black, but I got into that through GURPS demos) and I still enjoy it. Alas, it’s out of print and quite hard to find now.


My copy of Root showed up last night. Will have to wait till next week for the Riverfolk expansion.


The place I go to is ostensibly a comic book store, but has an amazingly large and eclectic game and miniatures section.


Bought Railroad Ink and Quacks of Quedlinburg with payday money. Good thing I purchased Quacks before their review! :joy:


Also bought Quacks - the SUSD review was the last push needed to convince me.
Fortunately it’s widely available and inexpensive in Germany since the Kennerspiel award.
Also pre-ordered the German Wingspan edition - it’s not inexpensive, but also first class component-wise, like all Stonemaier Games.
Plus I’ve been hearing almost universal praise everywhere, including here.


I was finally convinced that I need to add this to my collection… But it’s a perfect candidate for my wishlist. It’ll reliably be on the shelves sure a while (as soon as it is at all at my FLGS). Hopefully I’ll get a copy for my birthday in July


I bought Fog of Love the second I finished listening to Podcast #68 this morning. I had seen the video review some time ago and was really interested in it, but after listening to the podcast I had to have it. Straight in the basket despite not knowing if I’ll get to play it any time soon.

I also bought Love Letter Premium as my group doesn’t have it yet and it’s always have a nice bit of variation in your appetiser/palate cleanser/dessert games.

Finally I bought some blank cards so I can make a custom version of The Resistance for my group. I always end up being the spy somehow, so I’ve changed all the spy cards to pictures of me.


Quacks of Quedlinburg, the SUSD review pushed me over the edge


My copy of The Estates landed on my porch this morning while I was out running errands… Now to find some suckers with which to give it a go… So that I can lose horribly… Because this is certainly the type of game I am least good at: clever timing auctions with bluffing and brinkmanship.


I guess it was trades and not purchases, but I just recently acquired Ethnos and Clans of Caledonia. I am excited to get both of those in here! I don’t know much about Clans, but I have read great things. Ethnos has been near the top of my wish list since I got into the hobby at the very beginning of last year. So I think a pretty good return :slight_smile:


My wife and I agreed to each have a small splurge from our tax returns. I’ve been interested in El Grande ever since reading SU&SD’s review and watching their How-to-Play. However, it’s always been somewhere between $80-100 if not more. Noticed the banner ads on BGG show it for $55 on Amazon so it should be arriving sometime tomorrow.


Yup, tempted to get one for me in the UK. Even after the postage it’s still cheaper than buying locally


Finally scored a copy of A Study in Emerald First Edition. It’s been my grail game for a while

…and I bought Junk Art, Arkham Horror Circle Undone and New Frontiers

New Frontiers wins the “obviously designed with a Kallax in mind” prize! I’ve never seen a game fit into the cube so snuggly!


Once I get the time I’m very much looking forward to writing my article “A statistical analysis of the rise and rise of the medium square box in board gaming.” Might need a pithier title.


Pretty soon all Kickstarters will be determined by how many minis can fit inside a cube the size of a Kallax.