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Last game you bought?


That looks nice.
How is AH 3rd Ed Compared to sat EH or AH LCG?

I picked up Eldritch Horror: Signs of Carcosa, so now I have all 4 small box expansions for EH, and one of the big box, I’ll probably pick up the remaining Big box expansions at some point.


I picked up First Martians way cheap a couple of weeks ago. I’ve played it twice solo and twice with my two daughters. So far, it’s not terribly hard to learn or teach. I’m a bit disappointed that they could have done so much better with the app. I really do see potential in the use of it in a game like this but the finished product of software seems way too under-tested and under-utilized. Still finding it a fun game anyway. My kids seem to like it too.


First Martians is $45 at my FLGS at the moment (From $140).

I already have Robinson Crusoe and it’s a loved game. Not sure if its worth grabbing First Martians or not for that price. Especially given how annoying the app can be.

I must admit, the theme is what draws me to it, and minis are kinda cool


I can’t really say since I’ve never played EH (I’ll differ to @Tika on this one) but probably for me, AH3e would be a movie while LCG is a bespoke TV series, if that makes sense. 3e is paced much quicker in a sense that the tension ratchets up quickly while LCG can spread it’s growing dread across a series of chunks.


Even down to $45 it’s still a bit high (from my perspective) for the shape the game is in. I got it for around $20 and it feels well worth it for that. Not everyone finds this type of game fun but I think it fits nicely in my personal fancy for game elements and theme.
If you have RC already you may not get much more out of this application of that game architecture.


Fantastic anaolgies, thanks :slight_smile:

Good to know. that is $45 Dollarydoos (AUD) so about $5 USD at the going rate :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree - its hilariously stupid and awesome, all at the same time!

I have read the book, but it was a while ago, and I can’t really remember much about it.


FWIW, I think Starship Troopers has the same issue as The Shining (or even 1984 and Brazil). Both the film and book are great, but the film is a horrendous adaptation of the book itself. They’re great for completely different reasons and don’t have much in common with each other.

Sitting on the fence with this one!


As they’re being chosen. If two players are in the breakaway they will likely benefit most from collaborating to use slipstream, hence combatting the disadvantage of being only two riders. Obviously, they would have to stop at some point and compete for the win but I figured this is an inreresting point of tension. It is also how this would work if a similar situation occurred in an actual cycling race.




Whoops! The above was supposed to be a response to your post, not @Derelicte . My ham-thumbs screw me over yet again!


I have just acquired Railroad Ink (Blue). I had never seen the actual game before, and have spent most of the afternoon, marvelling at the delightfully, exquisite little box, with it’s wrap around cover. I have yet to even take it out of its plastic and I am already in love.


Just so everyone knows, @Boydesian does not have actual hams for thumbs. I have seen them. They are perfectly normal thumbs. Do not seek him out hoping to get a selfie with a person with hams instead of thumbs.

Sorry for the interruption.

EDIT a quarter of an hour later: I suppose I should have added, since this is the topic of this discussion, that the last game I bought was a re-shrinkwrapped used version of Paint the Line I miraculously found at my flgs for $5. It was a while ago, and I still don’t want to open it in case there are lost cards (I’m pretty sure it’s fine, it’s a good store. Let me pretend it’s perfect, anyway, I don’t want to find out if I’m wrong or right).


Against my better judgement, I ordered Lords of Xidit from Amazon. The SUSD review of it back in the day was rather tepid, but it looked like a game that would be right up my street, and it seems to have its fans.

And it was only £10. Definitely worth a peek for that price.


Found Rallyman (long out of print) for £25 at the Handycon bring and buy. Yes, I’ve backed GT. Even so, it is mine.


Bought Orbis and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. The former is a £13 punt + NPI’s review. The latter is something that was introduced to me and I really enjoyed it!


Not sure if this counts but I got Dungeon Mayhem recently as part of a Christmas haul, which is great for playing with new comers to the hobby. It is super simple and I think it was played pretty much continuously on New Years Eve when we were staying up to 12 as we had nothing better to do.


Traded for a few games I’ve been eyeing for a while now:

Twilight Struggle - I have been getting a few 2 player games to try to convince my wife to play with me and get her started down the gaming path haha. This joins much shorter games like Jaipur and 7 Wonders Duel. I decided to go ahead and do it because of what I gave up (no need for it), and the fact that my wife and I both have our Masters in International Affairs, so I figure the game will be epic.

Tammany Hall - Corrupt politics…backstabbing…alliances of convenience? Where do I sign? Seriously though, this looks right up my alley.

Lucky’s Misadventures - Deck builders typically don’t look like my thing, but this one actually looked really appealing to me. Helps that the art is great.

Arboretum - Another to try to get my wife involved. It looks gorgeous (1st edition), and my wife loves trees.

Love Letter - Never played it but I requested it as filler in this trade. It looks like a lot of fun and extremely portable.

And one of my Kickstarters should come in soon: a push your luck (don’t have one) that I really liked the look of called Ambar.

Thank goodness I have a game day coming up…


Oh, yes! I don’t get to play that enough.

I think we can accept that if no one has any objections :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
That made me look it up, in fact, and it seems like a good bit of fun! I’ll keep my eye out.

One of my backpack/back pocket games. A lot of quick fun you can put back down again.


I broke down and ordered the Gaslands rule book. My son already has a large collection of Hot-Wheels collecting dust, son I thought, why not?

Weve talked aboutnit before, and its has a really low barrier of entry. If we really enjoy it, it’s something we can slowly build up without much trouble.

For those that don’t know, its a miniatures rule book, about car races/combat in a future where the most popular sport is basically televised Mad Max. You build “teams” of cars, from weak weaponless ones, racers, armored vehicles, even monster trucks. Like all minis games it has point allocation for deciding team build; seems the common team is 2 to 3 cars.

It’s like a streamlined X-Wing, in that it has movement templates, and “shift dice”, as opposed to measuring every thing with a ruler.

You can play anything from a straight race (no weapons), to full on Carmageddon, and every thing in between.

If my son and I take to it, ive already got plans for some cheap homemade “terrain”, which may invokve melting old hitwheels and painting them to look like burnt out husks!

If its not clear, I love me some post-apocalypse (specifically Mad Max and old school Fallout), so this could be a lot of fun!

I forgot the best part, they dont actually sell cars for the game (yet). Its based around Hot-Wheels scale cars, and customizing them is completely optional. So a team of 2, could be as cheap as $1-2, if you want to go full bare bones!