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Last game you bought?


Yeh, the art is lovely. It doesn’t have the “timeless classic” feel of the Z-Man edition, but still nice (and more accessible). Card backs are nice, but maybe didn’t need the word “Arboretum” on there (and that would’ve avoided the spelling error in the first printing).


My two friends who bought the deluxe version were dismayed at the production quality. They would rather spend less and get the retail version.


It’s a real shame that a game so nice was given such an unfocussed reprint. The graphic design is more generic(? though still quite nice), the box is less portable, I haven’t heard anyone recommend the deluxe edition. Quite a frustrating turn around. I’m glad that the cards themselves are still nice and the design is still pretty, but it could have been so much better.


I was just able to get ahold of a copy of CO2.

I am fairly new to the hobby, and I am starting a journey to try something from each of the following developers that people seem to get really excited about: Reiner Knizia, Jamey Stegmaier, Vital Lacerda, Martin Wallace, and Uwe Rosenberg. I know there are more, but these seem to be the names that pop up more than any others (and that I have not tried, despite my friend owning Agricola) in my conversations. So here’s my Lacerda representative!


I’ve preordered New Frontiers and AH LCG Circle Undone, and had a 10% off ZATU voucher so chucked in Junk Art (plastic) too.

…then heard how much the next Roll for the Galaxy expansion is gonna cost and wished I saved the voucher haha


I couldn’t fit any more games into my shelves without removing something, so X-Wing starter set that I never play is out, Starship Troopers is in. And it puts a Robert Heinlein game next to one based on an E.E. “Doc” Smith book. Excellent!


So, funny story. My local board games club was cleaning out it’s collection no one uses and I brought something similar. (It’s not a very funny story, but hush.)

While I enjoyed the movie, I’ve never actually read the book. Although I’ve got a few friends who have. I mostly brought it to threaten my friends with, as I don’t think we have time enough to play something as complicated as this. Although it is the kind of thing we might played at uni.

Ether way, let me know how it goes if you get it to the table. We’ve flipped through the rules and at first glance it looks reasonable solid.


It’s one of my favorite books (and one of my least favorite films! Ha ha!) I have played it before, but back in the early ‘80s using my friend’s father’s copy, so I don’t remember it too well. I think hex & counter games like this are best played solo, and I’m considering “threading” a game on the forum as a fun little diversion. It will be a sci-fi title if I do it, and it might be this, but I’m leaning towards The Awful Green Things From Outer Space. Or possibly Hammer’s Slammers. Truthfully, it will probably depend on which one I complete trimming the corners on all of the counters first. :wink:


From my very brief read through of the rules it looked like a two player game, although I’m sure you’ll find a way to play solo.

If you do ‘thread’ the game here I’d love to read it.

My friends who have read the book have similar sentiments. I suspect I’d like the book if I ever read it.


Ah no way. I was looking forward to the rainbow gloss cards as well. A shame.


Player count doesn’t matter, one simply assumes the personae of the various commanders/leaders/hive mind. It’s an amusing mental exercise, plus it means you can take all day to make a decision (literally) without anybody losing patience. Most of the people who bought these games when they were newly published had no intention of ever playing against a live opponent, it was simply an option.


oh I think the rainbow shiny cards are pretty, but they felt ‘meh’ when I was playing them - both in display and in hand. But hey! You might like it though.


That’s because the film is a steaming pile of excrement.



What? It’s a classic! Well…a B-Movie classic. “Would you like to know more?” Yes I would!

Ok, yes it’s technically a “bad” movie, but it’s so much fun! Though I also love a few of Verhoeven’s movies, especially in that genre, so I’m biased.


Not really apropos of this thread, so I will simply state that while I understand your view (I like wacky B-movies too, and Verhoeven’s film is entertaining when viewed in a vacuum), the source material deserves a much better adaptation than the comic book parody it received in its namesake film. :wink:


I’ve never read the book, but that doesn’t surprise me at all. Though thats probably why I can enjoy the movie as much as I do.


A faithful adaptation would be 70% classroom discussion scenes, 20% field training, and 10% actual combat.

(Okay, so I lied about saying nothing further on this, but this is DEFINITELY the last thing I’m going to say about it. Honest!) :innocent:


I’m with you. I enjoy the hell out of the movie - it’s just entertaining to me. I haven’t read the book either though…nor do I have that game :frowning:


While I agree with you re: the injustice of the Starship Troopers movie sharing the name with the book (it’s almost easier to think of them as unrelated IPs), I’d really like to see a proper movie adaptation of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”. I think it would make a better movie than Starship Troopers for exactly the reasons you outline.


Not really a game but a local retailer is having a going out of business sale and I was able to pick this up for 40%:
Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Play Mat