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Last game you bought?


The compatison terraforming mars and gizmos I thought aad vrry confusing


I haven’t played Gizmos but think it’s similar in that your building an engine?
The comparison to TfM is due to the cards being played for actions/combos in during gameplay imo.
In one of the written reviews, someone thought it would be a good next step for people enjoying Splendor/Century Spice Road and not wanting to commit to something as heavy as TfM.

@KIR: Yeah, I just hope my complete copy of Viticulture will actually shine once I get to play it… :wink:


I’m seeing a lot of comparisons between Underwater Cities and TM. Interested to see the long term Zeitgeist’s opinion. I’d really like a longer heavier engine building game, but something’s stopped me getting TM.


Having Flash Point caused me to sell Pandemic - I have limited space and basically there’s no occasion on which I’d want to play P rather than FP.

(Usual disclaimers, this may not be true for you, etc.)


In defence of Pandemic - I find it a more streamlined experience. And I can’t get anyone to play Flash Point with me… :smiley:


That might be a good idea, waiting for long-term opinions or a sale. I somehow prefer the theme in Terraforming Mars, but considering a friend already has it I might be keen to get UC for my collection if it’s similar fun to TfM.


Behold! I have built my Mobile Frame Zero mech battle-suit squad!

They are, L to R: Ginsu (Scout), Kevin (Fire Support), Sarge (Command & Control), and Dead-Eye (Sniper).

And the melee-equipped Bravo Squad of B.A. Baracus (Giant Mace), Harpoon (Rocket Javelin), Hatchetman (Enormous Axe), and Daishō (Double Swords):

As you all probably know, I’m not a miniature war game player, but a game system that has you build your troops out of LEGO? Or suitable off-brand alternative? Yeah. I can’t resist.



Got a couple of wee deliveries the other day. Also been poring over the rulebooks for Gaslands, which looks like a fun miniature game about deathraces using kitbashed matchbox/hot wheels cars; as well as the new version of Necromunda after my friend got me the rulebook - time to dig out my old gangs from the wastes of the underhive (models box in the loft)


I just bought Spirit Island. I played a demo at PAX Unplugged and absolutely fell in love with it. Can’t wait to really sink my teeth into it.


Hey, hey! Cryptid just arrived!



I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Celestia expansion when you play with it. I like Celestia a lot, but haven’t bought the expansion. Wasn’t sure it would add enough. but could easily be wrong.


Celestia was a Christmas present to my daughter, and luckily so far she’s loved it. Don’t know how long that’ll last when it’s usually just the 2 of us playing - and it’s not a game that shines at 2.
We’ve only played with the little help expansion once so far, and I think it could add a decent bit of life to the game - and I think it’ll really improve the game when there’s more players

Adding player powers gives you a more varied game at a stroke.
The little help cards are useful, but will be better in games over 2 players where they could be used selectively where it won’t benefit all players every time
The new power cards add a wee bit more take that to the game, but I think there’s still a nice balance where there’s a touch of it in the game but not too much where people are always being held back (or always able to mitigate everything on the flip side of that)

Overall I think it’s a nice expansion from the very limited play I’ve given it. It adds some nice extra touches without going overboard - the stuff added can still be included in a first play of the game without feeling like there’s too much to teach at an introduction.


I found the new edition of Condottiere for £20 earlier (as opposed to the usual price of nearer £30), so I grabbed that along with Eight Minute Empire.


I love Eight Minute Empire. Lovely wee game. Great filler/starter. The extra maps for it are almost certainly the next expansion I buy


Just picked up My Village and Dragonwood used from a local BGG auction… Not expecting anything spectacular from either. My wife, I think, will like Dragonwood and I’m such a big fan of Village, I thought I’d check out what the designers thought they could do differently


Thanks very much, that’s good to know. I’ll put on my to look out for list. Happy gaming!


Ooooh! OOoooh!

I backed the spaceship-version of that game (Intercept Orbit), and I was SO EXCITED to build little spaceships to battle with!

… and then my neiphlings came to visit and my partner gave them ALL MY LEGO (it wasn’t that much… 2 large box “mixed” sets… but STILL!).


If I hadn’t just dropped a grand on new WarMachine models I would absolutely just buy replacement LEGO, but it’s going to have to wait. I have other priorities for my money for the near future (book editing costs, a trip to Japan in September, etc…).


Would they accept your partner as a reverse trade for the Lego?



Ooo. Im planning a trip to Japan in next uear. Psyched for your debrief.

Anyway, I bought Flamme Rouge and plan to buy the peloton expansion almost immediately. I’m a big cycling fan. I pretty much write off three consecutive sundays in March and April for the cobbled classics although I haven’t visited them yet. I’m very excited for this game.

Does anyone know if there are opportunities for cooperation between the 2 break away riders in the peloton expansion?


Not entirely sure what you’re asking – as they’re being chosen, or afterwards?

Everyone bids a card, highest card gets the first breakaway spot. Then you do it again for the second breakaway spot. Any cards that didn’t win a bid go back to their players, but the winning cards are out of the game, and those riders also get 2 exhaustion each.