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Last game you bought?


The novel promo characters aren’t exclusive to the novels. They’ve said all these characters will eventually be in a deluxe box (with alternate art, possibly alternate signature cards?). It’s been going on so long now, surely one of the characters in the next deluxe box must be one of the early promo characters…


Ah! Excellent! It was just a way of getting them early then.


Yeah, I imagine they’ll be ‘exclusive’ for several years to keep the novels popular, but if they really want to start releasing them, this cycle makes sense. At this rate, they’d need 12+ cycles to get all the promos through!


Tokyo Highway,… such a big box for not much inside…still fun fun fun…


With some Christmas cash, I just ordered the Valhalla expansion for Champions of Midgard and I haven’t played the base game yet! I guess if you’re going to blow money on impulse buys it should be money that’s barely had time to warm up in your pocket. And then, with an Amazon gift card, I bought the “Jabba’s Realm” expansion for Imperial Assault. I have actually only played 1.5 games of Imperial Assault, and I’m told there are better expansions, but I’m hoping that I can get my son to play the “Legends of the Alliance” or whatever it’s called campaign–the one they made the app for. Apparently FF created a whole bunch more app content specifically for this expansion. I’d like to believe that between the cool new monsters and getting to play with his dad as a “co-rebel,” my 8-year-old will be hopelessly hooked, just like his old man.


I discovered Amazon still has copies of Jazz: The Singing Card Game (as featured randomly in the middle of SU&SD’s review of 1812), so I picked that up.


I just received a package of games I bought during an after-Christmas sale that includes:

  • Coal Baron: The Great Card Game
  • Village Port (expansion to Village)
  • Animals On Board
  • Rattle Battle Grab the Loot
  • Jórvík

I also recently bought and received Broom Service: The Card Game due to its ridiculously low price as an Amazon Add-On item

Also expected to arrive today:

  • Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance
  • Guildhall Fantasy: Coalition
  • Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship
  • Ethnos
  • Railways of Nippon
  • Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition
  • Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition
  • Mercado

I… may have gone a little crazy with post-Christmas spending… but I have my reasons! Mostly; primarily, I typically only buy games for myself twice a year… with Christmas giftcards/cash and with Birthday giftcards/cash. And this year, my wife and I will be expecting our second child and that arrival could very well end up over-shadowing my birthday. Gaming with pregnant wives is very hit-and-miss, so I will take advantage of the situation I find myself in now to make the most of that time.


Due to a crisis at work, I am receiving a temporary pay increase. At the encouragement of my wife, who suggested I should use at least a little of it for something fun, I just ordered Arkham Horror: the card game. So I will soon have another game to learn the rules to. :slight_smile:


In the end, I’ve bought it (of course), and while I was being irrational I decided to add Tuscany EE and Visitors from the Rhine Valley, which I’ve wanted for a while to complete the Viticulture experience.

Thanks for providing feedback about the game. I’ll go about the great task of stickering it tomorrow and then play a test round.



Don’t judge me box cover art…


I fixed this for you


  • Corrected glaring omission


It’s good!


I am happy to answer any questions you have! Call/video call might be easiest.


Reminds me of my Dune box:


I’m unable to think of anything other than: Spice Cookies


But of course.


Bought Quest for El Dorado English edition from BGG, because the English ed. is unavailable. Perhaps my fave Knizia from recent years (though I need to play Yellow & Yangtze too)


Just got this because…why not?


Quacks of Quedlinburg arrived today. Knnerspiel games always seem to work with me


After this won the Kennerspiel, I’ve barely heard anything else about it since… I’m interested to hear what you (any everybody else!) thinks