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Last game you bought?


A German online retailer sells Flick em up: Dead of Winter for 15€, which seems almost like a must buy.
Has anyone (played) this and can share their opinion?


Wanted to ask the same question :slight_smile:
After buying 878 Vikings on sale the day before yesterday I think I just add Flick em Up to that order…


My son and I have gotten a few games in.

The setup can take awhile, but that’s kind of expected. We’ve only played the first scenario, which is full coop, and have yet to win.

To be fair, I struggled with the rules a bit, specifically in regards to when zombies “stand up”. As this led to us never having enough zombies to actually attack, we were overrun everygame. Near the end of our last game we finally nailed the rules enough that we’ll have a fighting chance next time.

Overall I think it’s a fun game, and you get 5 full coop scenarios, and 5 competitive in the box. I’m not sure what the competetive scenarios are like, but I suspect they would have the same issues as standard Flick Em Up; balanced to one side or the other.

TL;DR The setup can take awhile, but the full coop scenarios offer up a lot of fun, and avoid the inbalance issues of vanilla Flick Em Up.


I’m way behind with Arkham Horror LCG expansions and just bought the entire set of;

The Path to Carcosa
Echoes of the Past
The Unspeakable Oath
A Phantom of Truth
The Palid Mask
Black Stars Rise
Dim Carcosa

Which has cost me… far too much. I had no idea I was two expansions behind. Not sure I’ll ever get caught up, and finding some of these decks was tough. May have to push the board out and get the rest too…

EDIT: Meant to put boat not board, but I’m leaving it.


It catches up on you fast! Not long until the 4th cycle starts…


This is what holds menoff getting into the game now. I have the base game in my cart right now (boxing day sale), but I’m not sure I can pull the trigger. The fear that I might become hooked, and “need” all of the expansions is definitely holding me back.


Bohnanza is so good! It’s my go-to game for 4-6 players, whether gamers or non-gamers, and I know of at least 4 purchases by friends who loved it too.

I do tend to play through the deck only twice, lest it overstay its welcome, and also, pro tip - you can read rules to Bohnanza: The Duel (2 player version), disregarding tenths of coins, and play it with the base game if you just write the name of each bean on a slip of paper for trading.


See, that’s my problem - I know I don’t need it all to enjoy it! I may just skip the third expansion and go to the fourth so I can buy it slowly and carefully.


Oh, I know I wouldnt actually need everything, but there would be that desire to “have it all”. Well, thats if my GF and I actually like it, lol.


My version has 2 player rules on the back page…


The trouble with that is that they have released some of the characters only with the novels, and I can’t seem to get those. Not sure if I want 'em either.


(BTW I love the game!)


Yeah, I’m not sure how much I would care about content like that.

I’ll find out soon-ish though. I broke down and grabbed a copy of the core set, along with some items for my sons bday (end of January).

Edit: "soonz-ish"might be a bit optimistic. We have a bit of a back log now, between xmas gifts and purchases made over the last few weeks, combined with a lack of tine to play leading up to the holidays.


And I just capitulated and spent even more money on AH:LCG…

The Forgotten Age
Threads of Fate
The Boundary Beyond
Heart of the Elders
The City of Archives
The Depths of Yoth
Shattered Aeons

Which all together came to £80. Bloody £80… I mean, it’s a bargain but… ****


If it’s the version that mine has in the back, it’s terrible. The Duel forces trading, which the normal two player rules do not.


After a lot of hemming and hawing (I’m sure the LGS worker was getting a little irritated with me picking up and putting down Betrayal Legacy) I finally picked up Arkham Horror 3rd Ed. I’ve got plenty of pleasant memories from playing it at SHUX18 and 1-6 players is a nice sweet spot for finding people to play with.


Let’s play this next year at SHUX! :grin: :squid:


Welp, I bought Gen7.

So thats another campaign game to enjoy.

My group has agreed to shelve GLoomhaven after 11 months of pretty much nothing else, before it gets old and we burn out on it before the expansion arrives. we still have a lot to explore.


Impressive that you kept it going for so long anyway. Imagine how cheap games habit would be if each game got 11 months of playz!


That would be the ones. I’ll have to download the Duel rules and put them in the box. 2-7 and plays well at all counts is fantastic


Play by mail maybe?