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Last game you bought?


When I dream is super fun! It is a unique gimmick, but for me the gimmick works. It also plays well at a very wide range of players. Also the art is amazing. At that price I’d get it just for the cards and use them in Mysterium, Dixit, Muse, etc. (I have not tried that yet but hope to at some point)


I went to go impulse buy Gen7 last night after work as it was in stock, but someone else had bought it by the time I got to the store :cry:

I’m having the same thoughts. I love the game to death, and would happily start over. I think we are just playing until the last 2 classes are unlocked. But its been 11 months of near weekly sessions, some 56 scenarios completed. its just be a joy.
But I think it might be time to put it to rest for a while and pick it up again maybe in 6 months or so.
Also, I have like 5 or 6 unplayed games on my shelves right now because of Gloomhaven.


I bought Menara after hearing about it on another forum. And Ganz schön clever.


Yesterday my step-daughter (17) told us that her friend was showing her how to play MtG and that she wanted to learn how to play. Being an enabling parental figure today I took her out and bought 2 starter decks under the guise that it was a gift for getting honour roll.
I never got into M:tG when I was a teen WAAAAY back when but I’m hoping it serves as a good base by which I can finally find someone to play Keyforge with.


Saw Navegador on sale, grabbed it


P:FoR just arrived!

Addendum: Wow! TAGTFOS just arrived too!


Just came across a copy of Small World (plus one of the expansions) for $15…I had told myself that I was done buying games for the year, but I have been intrigued by this one for a while, and I couldn’t ignore that price.


Ooooooh let us know what it’s like! I’ve been loving the survival series, but I’m starting to question how many Pandemic boxes one guy can own.


I will probably play a solo game tonight since I’m actually free and I know the base rules. It looks good…and Paolo Mori is no slouch. I’m looking forward to it.


Yeah. I only own vanilla and In The Brink, so adding this one isn’t too bad.


So evilBay has been going a bit mad with 10% offers so my poor impulse control got Bohnanza, Cat Lady and Tokyo Highway. The latter is still to arrive, probably caught in the Christmas delivery madness.


All of them!!! I’m 100% serious :slightly_smiling_face:.


Will you get the 10 year anniversary edition


Yeah, I have them all except Cthulhu and the State of Emergency expansion (and now Rome)… I’m tempted to promote them from the Kallax to the book shelf so they don’t count in my board game storage limit.


@El_Bee I was considering it when it was first announced, but at $110 Canadian…no, no I will not. I guess even I have my limits, lol.

@Kir yeah, I’m only missing vanilla and Rome. I have a feeling I’m getting vanilla for Christmas though.

While I’m not at the point yet where I need to worry about a limit (though probably should), I decided awhile ago that the different versions wouldn’t count when I do.


If you’re getting vanilla you really need In the Lab too. It’s great!


Magic Madhouse are having a sale, so I just grabbed the Altiplano expansion and the Jack the Ripper box of Consulting Detective (I have the other two).


Keyforge Bought three decks. After playing a couple of times I have minor regret. Hoping I change my mind later!


I’ll look into for sure. Though I can’t be grabbing an expansion for a game I dont know I’m getting! :wink:


Small Star Empires v2 has arrived! But they forgot my upgrade pack even though I reminded them twice before it shipped, after it wasn’t listed on the proposed manifest. Ho hum.